7 Mar 2024 By Aiyana K

Kiyoka’s Delightful Surprises of March

Reintroducing Limited Edition Sakura Roll, Brand New Strawberry Yuzu Coconut Tart and Kiyoka’s Boutique

Kiyoka is set to bring a delightful surprise in March. Kiyoka, a Japanese-French Pâtisserie helmed by the Kyoto-born Pastry Chef Asuka Matsubara, will reintroduce a beloved limited-time treat, the Sakura Roll and is proud to unveil its latest creations Strawberry Yuzu Coconut Tart.

Available exclusively at Kiyoka in Hong Kong.

Special promotion from 1st 31st March with a special combo price : Organic Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Truffle + A pack of three pieces Chocolate Financier for only HKD215 (Original Price HKD245).

We focus on Natural and Healthy. Our desserts are low in sugar, just the right amount of sweetness.

Sakura Spring Sakura Roll Cake - HK$388
Strawberry Yuzu Coconut Tart - HK$330 (12cm), HK$430 (15cm)
Kiyoka’s Boutique Organic Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Truffle (HK$199 (135 gram)