LA BIOSTHETIQUE launches special care for wavy and curly hair

1-La-Biosthetique-Curl-Activator 2-La-Biosthetique-Curl-Care-Shampoo  4-La-Biosthetique-Curl-Saver
CURL – Luxurious care and styling range for amazing curly

Fashionable huge curls, playful ringlets or soft waves – whoever is blessed with curly locks is often the envy of those around them. However, curly heads know that wavy hair can quickly become dry
and brittle and requires particularly intensive and complex care so that it looks impressive and has a striking shine.

LA BIOSTHETIQUE has developed a care and styling range that focuses on the extraordinary needs of curly and wavy hair and even transforms stubborn problem manes into luxurious curls: CURL, a range made up of four products, that fulfil all the wishes of demanding curly heads.

The care and styling products feature a combination of highly developed ingredients that calms the structure of frizzy hair, reduces frizz and bunches the hair into beautiful, shiny waves. Tired curls are revived and activated and are given fresh and soft springiness and flexible hold.

The main role in all four CURL products is played by the “Bounce Back Polymer”: a particularly durable resin that forms a smoothening, glossing film around the hair and also gives it maximum elasticity.

Price :
Curl Care Shampoo HK300/250ml
Curl Activator HK295/200ml
Curl Saver HK280/200ml
Curl Defining Cream HK300/125ml