DERMOSTHETIQUE HYDRO-ACTIF – a cell-active moisture therapy as an intensive treatment for dry skin

Water, the basis of all life, is the most important factor for maintaining the health and lasting vitality of the skin. All physiological and enzymatic processes in the various skin layers are dependent on healthy hydration – moisture powers the skin’s metabolism. A tired complexion, redness, fine lines or even inflammations are clear signs of an undernourished or dehydrated skin.

A young and healthy skin is fresh and functioning because it produces natural moisturising factors (NMF). These bind moisture into the skin. The intact barrier layer in the skin surface offers reliable protection against moisture loss. When the skin’s protective barrier is instable and natural hydration is not available– whether due to aging, lack of care or overly aggressive cleansing – the skin is less capable of storing moisture in order to stay healthy.

Damaging factors such as low humidity, extreme sun exposure or the differences in temperature from the outside air and air-conditioned rooms stress the skin and dry it out even more.
Even as the skin begins to dehydrate, the complexion reacts with clearly visible signs. Initially, it looks tired and sallow, small creases appear, which without the appropriate care can turn into deeper wrinkles caused by dryness. Sensitive reactions such as redness, itchiness or a strong feeling of tightness are signs of poor moisture supply as are dry scales or slight inflammations.

The latest studies also showed that lasting dehydration can lead to a vicious circle: The skin activates an emergency programme to keep its functions going. SOS water channels are formed that trigger up to 10-times higher moisture delivery from the dermis to the epidermis. In the short term, the moisture content in the epidermis increases but in time there is greater dehydration of the skin as the stratum corneum is unable to hold in the moisture.

Classic moisturising products are insufficient in this situation – they only supply the surface of the skin with moisture which instantly evaporates in the dehydrated air.

To respond to this problem, LA BIOSTHETIQUE Paris has developed the care range DERMOSTHETIQUE HYDRO-ACTIF, a cell-active hydration therapy based on the latest dermatological research and specially geared towards the needs of intensively dehydrated skin. DERMOSTHETIQUE HYDRO-ACTIF contains highly effective active ingredients that are capable of binding moisture in the skin long term, simultaneously triggering the body’s own moisture production mechanisms and supporting their activity.