22 Sep 2023 By May Ng

LA MER The New Lifting Firming Serum


The NEW Lifting Firming Serum is La Mer’s latest breakthrough in skincare innovation inspired by the power of memory found in nature, cognitive wellness, and material science. As a unique serum designed to reignite skin’s memory of youthful firmness and lifted radiance, The Lifting Firming Serum awakens skin’s mechanical memory of elasticity and targets 6 micro-zones, to help renew skin’s firmness, density, volume, and youthful balance.

Inspired by the ocean’s extraordinary memory, where waves continuously recreate its dynamic structure while preserving its original fluid form, La Mer’s Max Huber Research Labs embarked on a journey of exploration, uncovering the remarkable ability of its legendary Miracle Broth™ to invigorate skin with essential energy and support natural mechanisms that fuel skin’s ageless renewal. Our visible youth-regenerating elixir works in synergy with firming actives within The NEW Lifting Firming Serum for an uplifted look that redefines rejuvenation. In just one week, skin begins to look more lifted – shape and dimension begin to visibly improve*.

The Lifting Firming Serum ($3,260/30ml)