10 Mar 2022 By May Ng

La Prairie White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire



Inspired by the pure light unique to Montreux, La Prairie seeks to harness its power with the White Caviar Collection – the power to enliven, to enhance, to beautify – the very power that artists strive to capture in their works to highlight their subjects. The unique illumination inherent to La Prairie’s place of origin is a ballad of light upon water: it begins as pristine ice and snow that melts into the purest water, filtering through the highest Swiss peaks, infusing itself with rich minerals as it trickles down and diffuses into the lake below.

Inspired by this magical encounter, the scientists at la Prairie have seized its glimmering luminosity to magnify it on the skin. In 2019, La Prairie scientists established the Equation of Light, which shows that light – or skin luminosity – is a function of colour and reflection. In seeking to uncover new paths to luminosity, they queried how water might impact the reflection of light from the skin – they sought to seize this glimmering luminosity, to re-create its magic. The formula of White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire addresses the reflection element of the Equation of Light in three ways. First, by increasing skin hydration, and thus the amount of water in the skin. It also contains collagen-supporting ingredients to help plump the look of the skin and create a firmer appearance. Finally, it gently exfoliates to provide a smooth, light-reflecting finish. Together, these actions enhance reflection of light from the skin.
In parallel, White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire addresses the colour aspect of the Equation of Light by delivering to the skin the most potent illuminating molecule: Lumidose, encapsulated for the first time. Lumidose is the most potent inhibitor of human tyrosinase – the enzyme responsible for the formation of melanin – that we know today. This patented molecule achieves never-before-seen results, fading age spots more potently and faster than other tyrosinase inhibitors. This extraordinary molecule was identified as the single most powerful illuminating active ingredient following over 15 years of research that included screening over 50,000 ingredients.

Lumidose has been encapsulated for the first time, thanks to an innovative technology, which forms a double-encapsulation system. White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire also contains Swiss caviar ingredients – Swiss Golden Caviar Extract, the signature caviar ingredient of the White Caviar collection, has been shown to support natural collagen production to help plump the look of the skin and create a firmer appearance, thus increasing light reflection back to the skin surface. In addition, Swiss Golden Caviar Water, which captures the most delicate and volatile components of golden caviar, makes up the foundation of the formula and enhances its sensoriality with a refreshing touch. Housed in an elegant glass vessel featuring an innovative bottle-within-a-bottle design to protect the formula from light and preserve its efficacy, White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire immerses skin in a glimmering luminosity.

White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire
Size:     150ml