LAMUCHA 2015 latest collection!

Send your love to the fated person of your life

In the Greek mythology, Cupid likes to use its Cupid’s Golden Arrow to tie a pair of lovers together, this year LAMUCHA’s angel wings and Cupid’s Golden Arrows are sent straight from heaven to earth, creating the newest series – “The guardian angel”, dedicating to every couple. On Valentine’s Day, this series is going to work its magic on all the potential / fated? lovers and creating the sweetest and warmest bonding between them!
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The Angel Wings often signifies a very gentle protection from the love of god. Inspired by the heavenly angels, LAMUCHA created this 14K golden angel wings necklace for girls who are protected and loved by friends or family. Designed to be simple and clean, the fine structural lines matches with the art of diamond.

From the legend, whoever was shot by the cupid’s arrow,
he or she would immediately fall in love with the person and begin a sweet romance.
LAMUCHA’ s Golden Arrow series conveys the power of Cupid –

to lock you and your lover’s heart together, not even the Greek gods could resist it!

To lift the atmosphere of this romantic day, rings are the most indispensable symbol to represent the relationship between a pair of couple! A ring does not only signify the symbol of love and commitment, but it also shows a man’s respect towards a lady! LAMUCHA 14K Gold 3D angel wings ring shows a lifelike pair of angels wings on a lady; designed to break through the usual designs of rings in the past, the ring’s femininity will eventually awaken a man’s natural inclination to protect her.

Apart from the graceful angels, there are of course, the cute cherubs! LAMUCHA’s cute cherub ring is highlighted with gold and silver, in a mix of dynamic and static feeling. It is definitely the best gifts for girls having their first love!
This ring symbolizes the angel’s wing protecting your beloved person, could be the best gift for a man who is eager to give all his love and protection to his loved ones!

1tMs. Kim Jeong Ju
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