5 May 2023 By May Ng

Latest Jewellery Creations for Clash de Cartier

Cartier Presents 

A New Interpretation of Duality: Double-Row of Clou Carré Studs

Cartier is delighted to present the latest additions to its Clash de Cartier jewellery collection, doubling down on the iconic contrasting aesthetics of the collection. The vivid geometric shapes, disrupted by supple and soft seamless volume exude the dual charm of the style. A pointed and eccentric duel for a collection of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Either in all gold or paved with diamonds, their doubled-up rows delicately coil around the skin and inspire contrasts.

Totally supple, the bracelets and necklaces follow each movement, both free and flexible. A new sensation for Clash’s ribbed mesh, which multiplies its rows of studs and clous carrés—some of the Maison’s most important aesthetic codes. Strength and delicacy unite, accentuated in the diamond versions with meticulous paving on each side of the clous carrés.

Jewellery without prejudice as to who will wear it, as long as they are unique. People with strong, uncompromising personalities, like Clash de Cartier ambassador Lily Collins. The British-American actress embodies the duality of Clash de Cartier: an independent spirit combined with a strong sense of elegance.


Cartier website: www.cartier.hk

Clash de Cartier rings & bracelet
Clash de Cartier rings & bracelet
Lily Collins in Clash de Cartier