Launched New Fragrance Dance Amongst The Lace

London Perfumer Miller Harris Opened Store at K11 MUSEA

Following the first international store launch in Harbour City, luxury perfumer Miller Harris opened its second international concept store in K11 MUSEAshopping mall. The brand breathes colour and life into the classic perfumer’s art, creating complex couture perfumes designed to tell vivid urban stories.

The new K11 MUSEA store takes ”The Artist” as its muse. Designed by internationally renowned Fabled Studios, the store features paint splattered walls with colourful neon displays encased in perspex, acid foliage and luxurious brass finished surfaces. The space will see a collection of contemporary curated art displayed, periodically updated, to highlight a range of artists within the store. Areas made of glass and mirror house the Miller Harris collection of fragrances adding further interest. Soundscapes complete the artistic and immersive experience that awaits customers in store.

Dance amongst the Lace captures the surprising freshness and unique scent of cow parsley, also known as Queen Anne’s Lace.

A crisp and invigorating duo of minty notes blended with mouthwatering lime and zesty verbena, with a lush base of vetiver and moss -evoking the vivid greenery of London’s secret bounty.

50ml        HKD$980

100ml      HKD$1445