25 Sep 2023 By May Ng

Lee Tung Avenue’s LED Fire Dragon Fiesta Returns

18m LED Fire Dragon Swirls under Sea of Lanterns to

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with Locals and Tourists Alike

The city’s cooler air is filled with festivities as the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches. To celebrate the festival, Lee Tung Avenue is pleased to present the “Moon Fest Lumiere” this year. From today to 23 October 2023, over 800 auspicious Chinese lanterns will create a compelling light-scape on the tree-lined avenue to provide a picturesque backdrop for the public to enjoy the festive season with their loved ones.

A highlight of the campaign is the “LED Fire Dragon Fiesta”, scheduled for the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival (29 September 2023). That evening, Master Kwok Man-lung, collaborating with Lee Tung Avenue on the event for the fifth time, will lead his Kwok’s Kung Fu & Dragon Lion Dance Team to bring back the LED fire dragon dance – Lee Tung Avenue’s very own tradition – after three years. Offering a visual feast and a one-of-a-kind cultural experience, the performance is expected to draw locals and tourists alike.

This year’s LED Fire Dragon Fiesta will feature an 18-metres-long dragon in a fiery red colour, which will be manoeuvred by 40 members of the dance team. To enhance the performance, the choreography will include new dance moves while a new smoke-emitting feature will be added to the dragon.

The one-hour LED fire dragon dance will begin at 8:30pm. The procession will embark from the Lee Tung Avenue Central Piazza and move towards Queen’s Road East, before heading to the Johnston Road entrance of the shopping street and finally returning to its starting place. Along the route, LED lion dance and drum and gong performances will be staged at fixed points. The performance will reach its climax as the glowing LED fire dragon vigorously dances under the sea of lanterns on the about-200-metres-long Lee Tung Avenue. Spectators can take photos and interact with the dragon up close to make this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival extra memorable.