3 Aug 2023 By May Ng

Levi’s “RIBCAGE Ultra High Waist” and “BAGGY Edgy Loose Fit” hot women’s pants

Levi’s® RIBCAGE and BAGGY hot women’s pants officially launched, featuring the stylish interpretation by the charismatic idol, Marf Chiu Yen-Tung from COLLAR.

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Denim jeans are timeless staples in everyone’s wardrobe and a must-have for urban women during holidays. Finding the perfect pair of versatile jeans has always been a lifelong wish for many fashionable women. This year, as the denim leader Levi’s® celebrates its 150th anniversary, they not only introduced the iconic 501® original straight-leg jeans that set trends but have also been committed to revolutionizing women’s denim fashion with various trendy silhouettes.

Among these trendy styles, Levi’s® “RIBCAGE Ultra High Waist” and “BAGGY Edgy Loose Fit” jeans have become must-have items this season. Levi’s® has specially invited the expressive and bold new-generation idol, Marf Chiu Yen-Tung (@COLLAR), to showcase and interpret these two popular jeans in four different styles, highlighting their unique features. The message is clear: both the double champions “RIBCAGE” and “BAGGY” deserve a place in every fashion-forward girl’s wardrobe as they embody the latest fashion elements and can complete a variety of stylish outfits.

Marf Chiu Yen-Tung is the champion of “The Next Idol IV” and currently a member of the girl group COLLAR. She is youthful, energetic, and exudes a strong sense of fashion. Whether she’s performing on stage or sharing makeup, fashion, and dance content on social media, she showcases a unique style that stays true to herself, aligning perfectly with Levi’s® brand philosophy and values – to express the true self.

Marf: “The collaboration with Levi’s® this time was truly an unforgettable and pleasantly surprising shooting experience. I am very grateful to Levi’s® team for giving me great creative freedom. Together, we explored many different styling and pairing options. Today’s shoot lasted for more than ten hours, but I didn’t feel tired at all because I enjoyed every moment of dressing up!”

Marf is currently actively preparing for her second solo song, and while the content remains secret, she hinted at the essence of Levi’s® RIBCAGE and BAGGY in her upcoming release:

“The previous single, ‘*~Silencio…Shh’, was like a fusion of RIBCAGE and BAGGY, filled with strength and confidence. The new song, on the other hand, injects femininity into the BAGGY style and conveys a joyful energy.”

For those eager to understand the style of her upcoming song, it might be worth exploring the essence of Levi’s® RIBCAGE and BAGGY jeans to experience the power and charm they embody.