12 Jun 2023 By May Ng

L’Occitane Brand new Anti-Hair Loss Advanced Scalp Treatment

Embracing over 20,000 hairs revitalization experience with 5 proudly-selected hair-care essential oil

The passionate, energizing summer soon arrives. Smelling the tropical breeze of summer, fancy tiring up your hair for the sweaty season yet having the hair volume issue? L’Occitane proudly announces the Anti-Hair Loss Advanced Scalp Treatment to rejuvenate your hair. Let’s enjoy the magical journey of preventing hair loss, and improving thickness and strength with only 1 bottle of 99% proudly-selected natural essential oil included. Consecutively using for three months, increase up to 17,136 hairs*; 92% users witness less hair fall after combing**.

Secure your offer until 11th July – let’s enjoy 10% off with every 2 hair-care product purchases, 15% off for every 3^.

Five Magical Rejuvenating Essential Oil

The Hair volume issue is no longer exclusive to the middle-aged group. The busy schedule in our everyday life, hormonal changes, and pressure make hair loss a common issue among younger people. Browsing on the social media, you will find there are videos teaching people to hide their hairline. However, hiding is never the key to the answer. The hair loss issue is reversible. With the five hair-care essential oil from L’Occitane’s Anti-Hair Loss Advanced Scalp Treatment, let’s embrace the magical journey to reverse hair loss and revitalize your hair!

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Volume & Strength Shampoo

HKD 310 | 500ml

HKD 220 | 300ml


Volume & Strength Conditioner

HKD 375 | 500ml

HKD 220 | 250ml

Anti-Hair Loss Advanced Scalp Treatment

HKD 340 | 50ml