2 Nov 2023 By May Ng

L’OCCITANE “Choose Joy” Get Ready for the Scented Holiday Limited Editions Inspired by the Olive Trees of Provence

Our story starts with the olive tree, the leading tree of Provence. The olive harvest is a moment of joy and happiness that reunites family and friends, as they gather to enjoy the fruit of their efforts before the holiday season.

And did you know that, for many Provençal people, the olive tree has always been their traditional holiday tree? That’s why, this festive season, we can think of no better way to share our own joyful heritage than through this iconic ingredient, along with selected limited edition gifts from Provence.

Starting in 2022, L’OCCITANE stopped using metal for holiday gift packaging, saving the use of 1 million tin cans annually! This move has saved approximately 58.6 tons of raw materials and significantly reduced our carbon footprint by 70%. By selecting more environmentally friendly materials and continuously improving holiday gift packaging design, L’OCCITANE is dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and creating a sustainable green Christmas for you!