9 Aug 2021 By AWAY IN STYLE

Loro Piana Fall Winter 2021 Men’s Collection

The preciousness of the materials, unicity of the detailing and ease of the shapes are essential qualities of the Loro Piana Fall Winter 2021-2022 collection.

The offer moves smoothly from the relaxed sophistication of city dressing to the adaptable spirit of luxury sportswear to a decidedly more leisurely, in and out of the household feel.

A renewed attention for volumes and shapes calls for a transversal and transgenerational audience: coats have round forms and dropped shoulders, blousons fit snugly, jumpers show graphic textures that excite both eye and touch. Leather trimmings recur as an understated but unmistakable signature. Traditional patterns such as pied de poule and Prince of Wales are used in non-predictable ways, either blown-up or scaled down. The ease of jersey tailoring, a Loro Piana signature, is reassessed in an idea of uncontrived properness that does not do away with comfort.

A line up of transversal pieces builds up a wardrobe suited for different moments of the day or days of the week, and different occasions, keeping a remarkable nonchalance along the way. Loose overshirt jackets; streamlined coats; welcoming checkered overcoats; double-layer utilitarian parkas; double-faced, hooded shearling blouson; leather-trimmed zip up blousons; jersey anoraks with matching pants; multi- yarn jumpers and textured jumpers with a graphic feel. Reversibility expands functions on outerwear. Light turtleneck and crewneck jumpers recur as an underpinning and trousers have a benefit. Accessories are suede and shearling sneakers with thick white soles, and checked scarves.

The amalgamation of organic notes of camel, Caramel, Beak, Grey Mélange,Notturno Grey Mélange, Dark Pebble, Senape, Dark Bordeaux follows a tactile flow of cashmere and Baby Cashmere, with Coarsehair cashmere giving depth to the textures throughout.

An idea of quiet ease and subtle personality comes forward.

Loro Piana Fall Winter 2021 Men's Collection