9 Aug 2021 By AWAY IN STYLE

Loro Piana Fall Winter 2021 Women’s Collection

Sensual simplicity of an uncontrived flow: the Loro Piana Fall Winter 2021-2022 collection conveys a sense of touch through colour and gives a tactile feel, projecting an idea of effortless femininity.

Milano, with its distinctively reserved yet assertive elegance, and the iconic design whichdefined the very idea of modernism in both aesthetic and craft, is the frame and the background: a way of dressing and behaving; an attitude in choosing hues that glide smoothly from the natural to the mineral, from the neutral to the vibrant, leaving a soft imprint and lettingthe wearer shine through.

The thoughtful purity of the design and the benevolence of volume create a wardrobe of distinctive ease: funnel-neck coats; buttonless outerwear with intarsia, braided detailing and removable knit collars; shearling jackets with the movement of a robe de chambre; shearling coats and blousons; cropped duvets and double- layer parkas; pencil overcoats; jumpers matched with a-line skirts or fluid trousers; tactile, textured jumpers with multiple stitches;ribbed sfumato jumpers and skirts; printed silk dresses; striped shirts; pleated skirts. All of itaccessorized with smooth or sporty boots, moccasins with contrast details and soft pouches. Thesilhouette is liquid and elongated.

Precise yet natural, the new Loro Piana wardrobe is meant to be used easily across occasions, from work to leisure and beyond, as pleasurable to the touch as it is to wear and look at.

The colour palette, exalted by a choice of cashmere, Baby Cashmere, silk, lambskin, shearling, moves from warm notes of Maple Syrup, Peanut Butter, Japanese Maple and Steamed Milk to denser hues of Red Pear, Winter Rose, Green Topaz and Gaia Stone to mineral tones of Smoky Quartz, Citrine Quartz, Dark Grey and finally reaches the density of Black, a first in theLoro Piana world and an opening to evening occasions.

With flowing ease and monochromatic elegance, the collection suggests, as ever for Loro Piana, an idea of multisensorial balance, with a quiet metropolitan edge.