27 Jul 2023 By AWAY IN STYLE

Loro Piana introduces the new Fall Winter 2023-2024 ADV Campaign

Loro Piana unveils the Fall Winter 2023-2024 ADV Campaign photographed by Glen Luchford. In an intimate series of images, Luchford captures in a unique way the essence of Loro Piana and the craft of living life artfully. A sentimental and joyful feel pervades, conveying an emotional story where moments feel sincere and spontaneous, as if peeking into somebody’s intimate diary.

The Campaign is a visual invitation to create moments filled with joy and to dress for the occasion that is your life, with precious garments made for precious memories. This simple elegance is translated into grace expressing itself with quiet confidence and the charisma of a single point of view.

In the series of still and moving images featuring models Selena Forrest, Henry Kitcher, Awar Odhiang and Raquel Zimmerman, the viewer is invited in. Everyday moments are elevated and enhanced with beauty while staying relatable. The photographs feel authentic and alive, with a continuous sense of effortless movement. A feeling of spontaneity encourages all to participate in this shared moment of joy and friendship.

A sense of community is conveyed in the Campaign, telling a story of friends creating memories together in alluring spaces. The images capture their most intimate and reflective moments and simultaneously invite the viewer to participate in this inner world. The Campaign is photographed outside and inside a welcoming house, beautifully decorated, creating a feeling of belonging and familiarity. The characters move freely, dance, laugh, and enjoy precious moments together with effortless ease.

Nothing is static nor predictable about the Campaign’s imagery – it is alive, real. This aesthetic pragmatism is a reflection of Loro Piana’s products which are designed to be worn, not just admired.

It is a captivating dialogue between the legacy and future of the Maison, while seizing the present moment.