16 Mar 2024 By May Ng

Louise Wong, Friend of OMEGA: New Year New Challenge Ahead

Louise Wong, Friend of OMEGA, has shown immense versatility throughout her career. Since transitioning from a professional model to an actress, she has fearlessly embraced new challenges, continuously refined her acting skills, and explored many different characters.
Louise stands out with her radiant presence, accentuated by the dazzling OMEGA 29 mm Constellation in Canopus Gold™ on her wrist. It perfectly complements her confident short hairstyle, showcasing her unique charm and strong personality.

With her determined spirit, Louise’s journey is full of challenges and breakthroughs. Following her win of the “Best New Performer” award at the Hong Kong Film Awards in 2022 for her debut film “Anita,” she has now been nominated for the prestigious “Best Actress” award at the Hong Kong Film Awards for her second film “A Guilty Conscience” this year. This recognition underscores her exceptional talent and potential. From playing the legendary Cantonese singing queen in “Anita” to portraying a wrongfully convicted mother in “A Guilty Conscience “, Louise brings to life one remarkable character after another, captivating audiences with her remarkable performances.

In the new year, Louise ventures into overseas filming for the foreign TV series “Coolie,” playing the role of a Cantonese woman who travels to Cuba and fights for survival. This is also her first time filming entirely in English, which will be streamed on an international online platform.

Louise has fearlessly embraced the opportunity and challenge and is ready to welcome another milestone in her career. Expressing her enthusiasm, Louise stated, “As a Hong Kong actress, there are not many opportunities to film entirely in English. I am thrilled to tackle this challenging role. I dedicated myself to rigorous preparation, despite feeling nervous and pressured throughout the process, I also enjoy the challenge. Just like OMEGA’s pioneering spirit of venturing into uncharted territories, I am committed to seeking innovation and progress. I hope that audiences can discover the different aspects of me and be pleasantly surprised by my performances.”

OMEGA Constellation in Canopus Gold™ 29mm