Love takes on a meaningful shape. Yu Yi with Mother-of-pearl.

Fine jewellery brand Qeelin presents Yu Yi collection with Mother-of-pearl to celebrate love this summer.

A Symbol of Blessing and Love

Founder and Creative Director of Qeelin Dennis Chan explains the history of the Yu Yi lock, and how it relates to Qixi – the Valentine’s Day in Chinese tradition. “Yu Yi is derived from the Chinese saying, ‘may all your wishes come true’. A Yu Yi lock for your beloved ones is more than a gift, it’s a blessing.”

Chan reflects, “Of course, you can also think of it as locking in your commitment to that special someone. Qeelin has carefully selected the most luminescent white Mother-of-pearl to symbolise the purity of your precious love. It is also doubly meaningful as a gift of love to the mother of your kids. What a beautiful way to thank her for the unconditional love for your family.”

According to ancient Chinese legends, the God of Love ties a red thread to connect two lovers that are destined to be together. Qeelin’s intricate and auspicious Yu Yi collection is a brilliant modern-day adaptation of this legend.

A Modern Harmony in Design

Qeelin is renowned for reinterpreting traditional symbols with modern streamlined designs. The Ruyi locks in ancient times – the inspiration for our Yu Yi collection – were notable with complicated designs, while Qeelin introduces a modern version of the Yu Yi lock where we focus on the harmonious balance of curves and details.  This collection of necklaces and bracelets features a unique chain design of interlocking knots to symbolise the commitment of love, balanced with the minimalist curves of the Yu Yi pendant.

A Refreshing Summer of Love

This summer, Qeelin refreshes the Yu Yi family with a new member, the Mother-of-pearl, after the popular jade and red agate. Embellished with 18K rose gold and diamonds, the Yu Yi lock with the radiant reflective Mother-of-pearl is a perfect match for summer’s sun-kissed skin.

Rich in history yet transcending time and place, Qeelin’s luxe pieces are a meaningful way to celebrate your love this summer. They are a joy to be passed on to future generations.