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LPM Restaurant & Bar Celebrating Christmas and New Year In Style with Festive Specials

Festive lunches from December 1 in run-up to Christmas Eve & Day dinner
– with ‘M
idnight in the French Riviera’ grand finale on New Year’s Eve

LPM Restaurant & Bar is celebrating Christmas in its traditionally chic style of the French Riviera in Stanley Street, Central. A festive lunch menu launches the season for office parties and friends on December 1. An array of scrumptious Christmas and NYE specials like ‘seafood tower’ raise the menu tempo in the lead-up to elegant Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners – and the grand finale is an enchanting ‘Midnight in the French Riviera’ rendezvous of “style and pure indulgence” welcoming 2024 on New Year’s Eve.

A special cocktail menu inspired by the legendary French artist, writer, and bon-vivant, Jean Cocteau, will also be presented as part of the celebration. The menu pays tribute to the festive season tradition of sending greetings cards to loved ones and is designed in the form a postcard with a uniquely curated list of four cocktails.

To kick-off the party season, the Christmas Lunch Menu for gatherings invites guests to select from Head Chef Maurizio Pace’s festive season menu of traditional appetiser, main course, side dish and dessert.

The lunch menu begins with a selection of enticing appetiser choices range from light and nutritious options such as Pumpkin Soup, Red Cabbage Salad with Hazelnut Dressing, and Celeriac, Pear and Capers Remoulade Salad, to richer dishes like Scrambled Egg & Black Truffle, Foie Gras Terrine with Toasted Broiche, Crispy Squids with Paprika and Green Chilli, Salt Cod Croquettes with Roasted Pepper Relish, and Smoked Beef Tartare.

Each made using the freshest ingredients, main course selections feature hearty meat and seafood options such as Grilled Sagabuta Pork; the southwestern France specialty, Duck Confit with Orange and Endive; Grilled Sirloin with Mustard Sauce for steak-lovers, and Grilled Red Bream (for sharing) – along with seasonal pasta specialty Homemade Rigatoni Black Truffle and Risotto with Seasonal Mushroom and Parmesan. Side dishes accompanying the mains are potato gratin, celeriac puree, mixed salad or broccolini.

To end the lunch on a sweet note, indulge in the two dessert choices which are the Chocolate Itakuja Flan with Passion Fruit or Vanilla Cheesecake with a Berry Compote.

From December 21 onwards, opulent specials are cheered onto the festive menu, all made from the finest Mediterranean produce and using LPM’s signature sharing-style approach – from Seafood Tower, Whole Grilled Sea Bass, classic Italian platter of Salmon Carpaccio with Guacamole and Shimeji Mushrooms and Crab Risotto, with additional options of seasonal Chestnut Cake with Orange Marmalade and Hukambi Chocolate Mousse and comforting custard dessert icon, Pear Clafoutis with Cinnamon Ice Cream. Guests can enjoy these specials alongside LPM’s signature creations in a la carte-style for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners (minimum spend per person of HK$988 + 10% service charge) as well as NYE dinner (minimum spend per person of HK$1,388 + 10% service charge).

“Greetings for our Friends” – Special cocktail menu

“Greetings for our Friends” is a selection of four letters, personified as four different cocktails – each dedicated to a friend, lover, society or life in general – paying homage to the tradition of sending greeting cards to friends and family during the festive season.

In this time of year for sharing, gathering with loved ones and expressing gratefulness, the cocktail menu is shaped as postcards, inviting guests to write a small message on a loved one – sent to a vintage post-box in the restaurant.

Among the four cocktail-letters, “Tribute” is dedicated to Jean Cocteau’s friend and student, Raymond Radiguet, who was sick and eventually passed-away from his illness. Made of Rémy Martin VSOP, smoky Islay whiskey medicinal Green Chartreuse, honey and ginger candy garnish, it is a message sent to look after and take care of your beloved ones.

“Garçon de Café” represents the French tradition of starting the day with coffee on the terrace of a neighbourhood café to “rendez-vous” with friends – a symbol of normality and little things in life. This twist on classic Irish coffee enhanced by Christmas-spiced Napoleon reduction, the citrus of mandarin and texture of vanilla crème custard is a love letter to society and everyday life.

“Jean à Jean” is Jean Cocteau’s love letter to beloved partners who accompanied and influenced him through life, showing a more vulnerable private side to his public image as social butterfly. This cocktail is inspired by the traditional Christmas tipple, mulled wine, in a beautiful combination of spices – with a Rémy Martin VSOP cognac kick and warm after tones from roiboos tea. To translate its sentimental duality, it is served either hot or cold, and presented in two different hand painted clay pots decorated by two ‘’faces’’.

“Madeleine 1957” completes the “letters” selection with a reminder of Madeleine de Proust, defined as those little things in life (a dish, a smell, a song, a cocktail) that once experienced brings back sweet and comforting memories of a past time or person. The personification of reminiscence marries Rémy Martin VSOP with a balanced sweetness of coconut and salted caramel and bitterness of Angostura Bitters – a reflection on how bitter and sweet life can be. It is served in aged clay pots, a tribute to ceramic art, particularly loved by Cocteau since being introduced to the craft by his dear friend Marie Madeleine.

“Midnight in the French Riviera” – a NYE celebration with French Disco and House Tunes

And to welcome 2024, LPM Restaurant & Bar is hosting “Midnight in the French Riviera” – a fabulous NYE event combining LPM Restaurant & Bar’s exquisite culinary journey with an enchanting immersive experience – transporting guests into an atmosphere of elegance, style and pure indulgence like stepping onto the glamorous shores of the French Riviera after dark.

An awe-inspiring ceiling adorned with luxurious gold balloons wraps the magical setting in the spirit of this unforgettable celebration. A menu of tantalising dishes designed as individual works of art transports guests to the sun-kissed shores of the Côte d’Azur.

And completing a memorable New Year’s Eve of revelry is electronic music DJ P.Grant(https://www.facebook.com/djp.granthk/) – enchanting LPM Restaurant & Bar with a curated mix of French dancing disco and infectious house music.

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