5 Jun 2024 By May Ng

lululemon elevates ambassador partnership with Amotti, professional CrossFit

Amotti, lululemon ambassador, professional CrossFit athlete, and winner of Physical 100: Season 2 – Underground. The evolved partnership presents an exciting new chapter for the athlete and for the brand. Amotti continues to be a leading advocate for holistic wellbeing, and his dedication and openness to sharing his personal journey will continue to inspire lululemon’s community of guests.

Amotti is a true icon for a strong body and mind, who overcomes challenges with his powerful mindset of finding balance between his passion for physical growth and prioritizing his holistic wellbeing. Since the beginning of the joint partnership in 2021, Amotti has been actively involved in lululemon’s initiatives to foster the spirit of progress. Through his personal journey, he discovered how having a positive mindset and a supportive community are essential for wellbeing – values that he has in common with lululemon.

Amotti began his training to become a professional CrossFit athlete at the age of 21. He soon rose to top of national and regional rankings during his peak performance. However, his athletic career was halted due to a scooter accident in 2021 that shattered his ankle. The road to recovery took Amotti over a year, during which he adopted a more holistic approach to nurturing his wellbeing in his fitness journey. “My injury serves as a catalyst in me realizing how having a positive mindset and supportive community are essential for wellbeing,” said Amotti. After recovering, Amotti has continued competing in pursuit of becoming the best version of himself, leading to his recent victory on Physical: 100 Season 2 – Underground.

The partnership with Amotti has been one for the books and now lululemon is taking it to the next level. Starting as Cheongdam Ambassador, lululemon is excited to announce Amotti as the Korea Ambassador and continue to support him in his journey.