Magnificent Exhibition Captures the Essence of Cartier

A Celebration of Uniqueness
Its Glorious Past & Creative Present

For a second year, Cartier showcases its extraordinary bespoke heritage and audacious modernity through the ‘Unique Cartier’ exhibition. Held in the Mandarin Oriental from November 7-9, the exhibition reflects all that is exceptional and unique about Cartier.

The Maison’s most valued friends and clients will immerse themselves in the legend of
‘the King of Jewellers, the Jeweller of Kings’, discovering 166 years of tradition, revelling in the magnificence of contemporary creations, and engaging with Cartier experts for an evocative private journey to the spiritual home of haute joaillerie.

Unique is a superlative not to be attributed lightly, yet at Cartier it is a perfect fit. Cartier’s reputation as the King of Jewellers is incomparable, its creativity and craftsmanship are unsurpassed, and its styles are definitive – the garland and tutti frutti, geometric and abstract, floral and animal – inspiring and influencing all those who follow. Cartier is unique for its one-of-a-kind creations, the jewels, bejewelled watches and objets d’art; it is unique for its famed commissions by royalty, celebrities and society elite, and in the manner, through Cartier Tradition, it authenticates, identifies and restores its historical pieces, enabling a new generation to wear them with joy and pride.

‘Unique Cartier’ is an exploration of the Cartier legend in three remarkable acts, Cartier Tradition, Contemporary and Bespoke. Impressions of 13 Rue de la Paix, Cartier’s famed Paris boutique, home of the revered workshops and guardian of the archives, can be glimpsed at every turn. Guests pass through a rendition of the 13 Rue de la Paix façade with its stirring staircase imagery to enter a long room of three interconnecting chambers lined with glittering showcases. For private time with the jewels and specialists from Paris, they may adjourn to one of a series of intimate sanctuaries.
From Cartier Tradition, glistens a row of 43 round Oriental pearls and diamonds set in 18k white gold and platinum in 1953; to assemble a natural pearl necklace of this magnitude and magnificence is rare indeed, rendering it a true treasure of nature. A necklace dating back to 1906 reflects Cartier’s passion for floral motifs. Platinum, yellow gold, lozenge-shaped emeralds and old European-cut diamonds were intricately crafted into a gorgeous eglantine garland for the décolleté, the row of delicate pave-set flowers, petals and leaves unfurling nature’s bounty.

From the splendours of the past to the marvels of the present, sensual new jewels from the
L’Odyssée de Cartier collection make exotic statements, winding their way to Africa via India and China in a myriad of warm stones like quartz and golden topaz, and a shower of sunny and earthy colours. The Contemporary chamber reveals a spectacular bracelet of onyx and diamonds; its graphic, irregular lines required 681 hours of work to create.

Pink and yellow sapphires in a secret watch, inspired by a 1902 hair ornament from the archives, appear to be magically suspended within a diamond-encrusted wave. Also underscoring Cartier’s timekeeping prowess is a new mystery clock from Les Heures Mystérieuses de Cartier, crafted in a
mesmerising pattern of onyx, obsidian, rock crystal, 18k white gold and 15.9 carats of diamonds. Time has proved no barrier for Cartier’s creativity. Here in the Contemporary arena, a salon modelled after one at 13 Rue de la Paix pays tribute to Jeanne Toussaint, Cartier’s inspirational 1930s high jewellery director and champion of the bejewelled panther.

For more than a century and a half, Cartier jewellery has been distinguished not only by the passion and excellence of its designers and craftsmen, who draw on rare techniques and constantly update them, but also by the quality of its gemstones. ‘Unique Cartier’ airs a selection of superlative loose stones, each of flawless beauty and breathtaking intensity. An astonishing 29.59 carat antique
cushion-cut Burma ruby emits a deep rosy radiance, while another stupendous cushion-cut stone, a 14.53-carat Kashmir sapphire, startles with its brilliance. Coloured diamonds, including an extremely rare 3.02-carat fancy vivid purple pink radiant-cut diamond, attest to Cartier’s expertise in sourcing the world’s most prized stones.

In the Bespoke area, these remarkable gems can become the dramatic basis of your own personalised Cartier creation. Experts await in the elegant environs of the Bespoke salon; beginning with a professional sketch here, the jewel of your imagination can be expertly guided to eventual reality – painstakingly crafted in the Paris workshops like the legends of yesteryear.
Cartier cultivated the art of being unique from the beginning, and 13 Rue de la Paix became its sovereign address, where destinies met, styles emerged and history was made. The ‘Unique Cartier’ exhibition is a microcosm of the Maison’s magnificence; it brings once again the very essence of Cartier to Hong Kong.

After holding court in the Mandarin Oriental, Cartier’s magnificent jewels move to the Landmark Prince’s and Peninsula boutiques from November 10-15, where they will be available for private viewing.
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