18 Nov 2023 By May Ng

Maison Boucheron The Acquisition of a High Jewellry Workshop

As part of its ongoing growth and development strategy, Boucheron has recently acquired a High Jewelry workshop, renowned for its excellent expertise in traditional craftsmanship. The workshop is located just a stone’s throw away from Place Vendôme in Paris: this way Maison Boucheron can reinforce the production capacity of its historical High Jewelry workshop.

This workshop is composed of four companies: Blondeau, Belter, Chanson and FG Développement, which have worked together at the same address since 2017. They gather about sixty artisans (CAD designers, jewelers, lapidaries, setters and polishers) who are involved in each step of the process in the making of a High Jewelry creation.

This group was founded by Cédric Gangemi: a young French entrepreneur and a qualified jeweler himself, Mr. Gangemi had worked for Chanson and for Blondeau before taking over these companies and developing them. These new teams joined Maison Boucheron on October 31st 2023, working alongside the historical workshop of 26 Place Vendôme to give life to the Maison’s High Jewelry collections.