MAJE FW20 Collection – Girls They Wanna Have Fun

This season, Maje is travelling back in time and space to Le Palace. The place to encounter: supermodels, sequinned dresses, pussycat bows, DJs, genres, turquoise velvet, new accessories, trends, a young English girl and lots of chilled out chicks determined to have fun.

Paris by night, Le Palace of the 80s. Grace singing La vie en rose, Prince’s first concert, Yves’ band… and Karl’s, a set by Grandmaster Flash… and then an account in Libé the next day. For me, the party was only just getting started.

Like Jane, I was from London. I’d left college and the Camden clubs where I’d learned how to dress. Flowing lightweight pieces, loads of different materials – I had learnt my lesson well. Luminous tweeds, trapezoid heels, jaunty Prince of Wales check and turquoise velvet. I was ready and so was the ferry!

But it was Paris after all. Paris…

These Parisian girls are pretty daring without even appearing to try – the ultimate mash-up. Bronze draped jersey under a trench coat, pants & shoes with rock pussycat bows, and traditional jackets worn over sequinned glitter dresses. In the day – exuberant, ultra-shabby chic, and confident of their artistic impression: I don’t understand a word when they sing in English.

They were devastatingly sexy. I almost ran for the Eurostar.

And then I met Loulou. She adored turtlenecks, the twist, fuchsias, puffer jackets, eyelet belts and big shoes.

She dreamed of the countryside and collected cognac bags. She said that Parma was a colour. She just wanted to have fun – at work and at night.

We kissed to Let’s dance by Bowie.

And so I stayed. Le Palace, Le Palace that closed, Le Palace that reopened, a print with mini hearts, the very beginning of the French touch, Les Bains, the comeback of the brogue, the hype around super models, the first grunge sheepskin overshirt and floral neo-grunge pieces.

Let the party continue because in Paris, it never stops.

所以我決定留下來,見證Le Palace結業又重開,還有迷你心形圖案、法國風格的開始、Les Bains、壓花皮鞋回歸、有關超模的熱潮、第一款頹廢風格羊皮襯衣外套及新頹廢風格花紋服飾。


Maje今季穿越時空,回到巴黎的著名夜店Le Palace,遇上一眾超模、珠片裙、蝴蝶領結、DJ、各類音樂、藍綠色絲絨、新穎配飾、時尚潮流、英國少女,還有無數盡情狂歡的年輕女子。

夜幕低垂的巴黎,1980年代的Le Palace。Grace唱著名曲《La vie en rose》、Prince舉行首場演唱會,還有Yves和Karl的樂隊、Grandmaster Flash的佈景,以及翌日《解放報》的報導。對我來說,派對才剛剛開始。







我們在Bowie的《Let’s Dance》之中接吻。