MAJE SS20 Advertising Campaign – #MajeDoesMemes

What’s fun, digital and gets millions of views in a few hours?
Clue #1: Maje has used them for its Spring-Summer 2020 campaign.
Clue #2: And this time, it’s not selfies with dogs.


Answer: memes. #MajeDoesMemes

Everybody knows what a meme is.

But let’s explain it a little anyway, at least for anyone who has spent the last 5 years living the virtuous life of a hermit in the desert!

Meme: An off-beat image + some text = a playful way to express one’s creativity on just about any topic under the sun.

Easy to create, easy to share, easy to re-invent, memes can spread like wildre on the Web.

They are participatory, open to everyone, viral and above all totally modern: basically, they are our new pop culture.

So, after watching them take over our screens, we figured we’d get in on the action too.

答案: memes. #MajeDoesMemes


Meme:一幅奪目的圖片 + 一些文字 = 幽默地就任何主題發揮創意的方式。

Meme容易創作和分享,也容易進行二次創作,因而 能在網絡火速爆紅。


因此,在見證過meme在網絡上掀起的熱潮 後,Maje決定也要參與其中。

Well, let’s be honest, we weren’t alone either.

We’d spotted the Vogue Turfu (@vogueturfu) memes, and liked them.

A dry humour that was totally Parisian, sharp punchlines and fashionable photos.

Memes about work, flirting, or ones dealing with light-hearted issues such as the first day of the sales and hair removal!

We asked Vogue Turfu to join us in coming up with memes based on the visuals from our Spring-Summer 2020 campaign.

And also, whether they would be willing to join us in organising a big meme contest on our Instagram account,

the #majememechallenge. They said OK, no problem, when do we start?


我們看到Vogue Turfu (@vogueturfu)的meme,非常喜歡他們充滿巴黎特色的幽默、 尖刻的標題和時尚的照片,


於是,我們邀請Vogue Turfu按照Maje 2020年春夏宣傳廣告的照 片創作不同的meme,同時希望他們一同策劃在Instagram舉行的 大型meme創作比賽#majememechallenge。他們答道:「無問題,何時開始?」

Hang on a minute, guys:

before we get started, we’d still like to do a big photo shoot. It’s our thing, and more importantly, we love it.

So, off we went to the Beaugrenelle district in Paris, last October.

Tim Elkaïm behind the camera, Fernanda Ly, Faith Lynch and Mag Cysewska out front.

City atmosphere, free spirits, bodies in motion: everyone had a great time on bikes, skateboards, scooters, escalators and fountains. Ice creams, bags, laughter, a tennis court, heart-shaped glasses: mission accomplished.



宣傳廣告由Tim Elkaïm掌鏡,Fernanda LyFaith LynchMag Cysewska 則擔任模特兒。



After our partnership with Vogue Turfu, we developed a taste for collaborating, which will last the whole season.

Absolution, Jump and 24 Bottles have teamed up with us on the SS20 collection to provide eco-friendly goodies for our customers.

Thanks to them, eco-friendly cosmetics, bike rides and pretty reusable alternatives to plastic bottles will feature this season.

In summary: memes, collaborative ventures, a contest, sharing, a collection, goodies,

Paris and a touch of humour – that’s what #MajeDoesMemes is all about.

Are you in?

與Vogue Turfu聯手後,我們便愛上合作,並會在新一季與不同單位合作。

AbsolutionJump24 Bottles將會與Maje合作打造2020年春夏系列,為顧客帶來愛護地球的產品。


總括而言,#MajeDoesMemes的重點是meme、合力創作、比賽、分享、 系列、出色設計、