maje Walk the L. Maje X Absolution

Maje X Absolution 呈獻隨身L Walk唇膏筒

To mark the launch of the L Walk lipstick holder, Maje have partnered with renowned organic beauty company Absolution.
Upon purchasing an L Walk, Maje customers will receive the famed, talked about repairing Balm as a gift.

Maje與知名有機美妝品牌Absolution合作攜手呈獻L Walk唇膏筒
Maje顧客凡購買L Walk更可免費獲贈人氣修護潤唇膏乙支

In previous years, people spent their time digging around in the bottom of their bags trying to find their lipstick. Or forgetting it.

Luckily now its 2020, and today all you have to do is put your L Walk lipstick holder around your neck.
The case is made from black croc-leather case and has a small chain and make’s new double M monogram.  Urban, elegant and brilliantly simple.


幸好在2020女士只要將L Walk唇膏筒掛於頸上,便能解決煩惱。

And since 2020 has only just begun now is the time for making resolutions. Which is why Maje has decided collaborate with Absolution,
to make your life easier and to make sure that no L-Walk holder leaves a Maje store without an eco-friendly balm to go with it.

令顧客的生活變得更美好,並確保Maje專門店售出的每個L Walk唇膏筒,均附帶一支環保天然的潤唇膏。

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