13 May 2022 By May Ng

Man Ho Chinese Restaurant Introduces Its First-ever Glutinous Rice Dumplings

The Dragon Boat Festival, which has roots stretching more than 2,000 years, is one of the important festivals in Chinese culture that carries on centuries-old traditions. To celebrate this traditional festival, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong’s one-Michelin-starred Man Ho Chinese Restaurant is excited to introduce glutinous rice dumplings for the first time, available in two different flavours.

Man Ho Dried Abalone Glutinous Rice Dumpling is crafted with an emphasis on retaining the traditional style of this classic festive treat, yet elevated in tastes and textures with the best choice of ingredients. Executive Chinese Chef Jayson Tang handpicks each and every ingredient used to make this flavour-packed dumpling, including luxurious South African dried abalone, top-notch conpoy and Shiitake mushroom from Japan, the best cut of pork belly, Korean organic chicken thigh meat, quality lotus seeds from Hunan, salted egg yolk, green beans, as well as glutinous rice that absorbs the essence, all wrapped in aromatic bamboo leaves. Chef Jayson also makes a thoughtful choice on seasoning by using the addictive-free Yuan’s soy sauce which is produced locally with decade-old natural fermentation techniques, adding in a rich, smooth and mellow savoury flavour to the dumpling.

On the other hand, Man Ho Red Bean Glutinous Rice Dumpling will never disappoint dumpling lovers as well. Chef Jayson lets the natural flavours of ingredients shine through, without adding any alkaline water during the making process, enabling guests to indulge in the chewy, creamy and moderately sweet Japanese red beans, buttery and rich umami flavour of the salted egg yolk, as well as the well-seasoned pork belly cut using Yuan’s soy sauce.

The glutinous rice dumplings are presented in pairs and packed in either an elegantly designed gift box (priced at HK$488), which is perfect for gifting; or in a discreet-style thermal bag (priced at HK$388).

The glutinous rice dumplings is available on the e-shop for online ordering. Guests may take advantage of the early bird offer of 20% discount during 26 April – 15 May and a 10% discount during 16 May – 3 June for any online purchase. The dumplings will be ready for collection from 25 May to 3 June at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant.

E-shop: https://bit.ly/JWRiceDumpling2022_media

For enquiries, call +852 2810 8366 or email jwmarriott.hk@marriotthotels.com.