Man Ho Chinese Restaurant of JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong Presents Five Elements Epicurean Menu

Following the popularity of the first restoring five elements menu at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant launched in 2015, Jayson Tang, Executive Chinese Chef of JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, has further explored traditional Chinese medicine and created a hearty gastronomic journey to promote harmony in body, mind and spirit. Discover the traditional Chinese culinary wisdom with an innovative menu that is meticulously curated with exquisite ingredients, based on the relationship between the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water), the colours of food (green, red, yellow, white and black) and the corresponding body parts (liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney).


Commence the healthy rituals with five appetisers that help regulate and heal your body. First, go with green foods (wood) that are thought to help remove toxins from the liver with the green power juice made of apple, celery, green pepper and cucumber as well as the chilled bamboo pith stuffed with seaweed; then yellow foods (earth) to strengthen the spleen with the poached egg with chanterelle mushroom; black foods (water) to replenish the kidneys with the chilled chicken with Chinese wine; red foods (fire) to protect the heart with the chilled tomato with crab meat and cucumber; and lastly white foods (metal) to repair the lungs with the marinated osmanthus with fresh yam purée.


Continue to the next phase of the wholesome journey with five main courses that generate flourishing energy and nourish your body parts one by one. As the heart is important to circulate blood and nutrients, warm it up with the double-boiled conch soup and red ginseng with Kanto sea cucumber filled with red foods (fire). Next, foster the spleen for a better digestive system with yellow foods (earth), the pan-fried amadai fillet with sweet corn sauce. Lung, a respiratory organ for breathing, needs white foods (metal) to give it a boost with the pan-fried fish maw with almond consommé. Black foods (water) nourish kidneys and enhance the immune system, featuring the deep-fried pigeon leg and pan-fried shredded pigeon as well as the braised brown rice with abalone. Round off the unforgettable dinner with the chilled avocado and green apple jelly with premium bird’s nest, a dessert full of green foods (wood) that are rich in natural antidote and dietary fibre.


Priced from HK$2,288 to HK$2,888 per person (subject to seasonality and availability of ingredients and plus 10% service charge), the nourishing five elements menu at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant is available for a minimum of 8 people. A 3-day advance reservation is required.


The price, ingredients and menu items are subject to change according to seasonality and availability, and the treatments mentioned above are for reference only.


For enquiry and reservation, call +852 2810 8366 or email