2 May 2024 By May Ng

Master Ultra Thin Perpetual Calendar with the midnight blue gradient dial

The Master Ultra Thin Perpetual Calendar embodies one of horology’s great complications in a fresh and timelessly modern style. Aesthetically seductive with its proportions and elongated lugs, the polished case and bezel play beautifully with the light, highlighting the sunray-brushed midnight blue dial.

The Rendez-Vous Moon houses one of the most iconic watchmaking complications: a moonphase. Finely tailored, a delicately moon passes against a backdrop of lacquered blue starry sky. On the wrist, it reflects a connection forever remembered.

Jaeger-LeCoultre conceived the Master Ultra Thin collection as the quintessential dress watch for the modern aesthete, harnessing the Maison’s long history of mastering thin calibres and epitomising its philosophy of uniting mechanical virtuosity with timeless beauty. In 2024, the collection has been refreshed and includes a new interpretation of the Master Ultra Thin Perpetual Calendar, featuring a subtly modernised case and dial design, as well as a significantly increased power reserve. Four variations are offered, including a new model with a gradient midnight blue sunray dial*.

Precise and Perpetual – Resolving the Anomaly of Time

The reason for the complexity of our calendar, with its leap years and different numbers of days in the months, lies in an anomaly between the way we measure civil time and the cycles of the celestial bodies on which those measurements are based. Our 365-day calendar year is almost 6 hours shorter than a solar year (the time it takes for the Sun to return to the same position in the sky, completing a full cycle of seasons), which lasts approximately 365.2425 days.

Calibre 868, which powers the 2024 Master Ultra Thin Perpetual Calendar, was designed, produced and assembled in-house at Jaeger-LeCoultre; it evolved from the well-proven perpetual calendar movement launched by the Manufacture in 2013. In line with the Manufacture’s constant drive for technical innovation, the latest-generation Calibre 868 features a new escapement and pallets – reconstructed in a slightly modified shape, they minimise friction and thus consume less energy – and offers a robust power reserve of 70 hours.