27 Jul 2023 By May Ng

Matchali Unveils Vegetarian Mooncakes Inspired by Flavours of Hong Kong

In celebration of the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, Matchali is delighted to unveil its highly anticipated collection of mooncakes from 31 July to 30 September, available for pick-up from 1 September. Rooted in a passion for matcha’s health benefits and rich cultural heritage, Matchali’s mooncakes embody the perfect blend of tradition and wellness, sourcing ceremonial grade matcha directly from a fifth-generation tea farm nestled in the matcha capital of the world, Uji, Kyoto.

Matchali’s mooncakes are handcrafted in collaboration with esca and are prepared without preservatives and totally vegetarian friendly. The result? Healthy, antioxidant-fueled mooncakes with detoxifying green tea powers that nourish the body and taste delicious too.

This year, the mooncakes are available in two tantalising flavours that capture the essence of Hong Kong’s rich culinary heritage: the Matcha Almond and Matcha Red Bean. Customers can enjoy the delicate harmony of matcha infused with the subtle nuttiness of almonds or taste the fusion of matcha and Hong Kong’s beloved red bean that brings sweetness to a unique mooncake experience.

Matchali will also offer three Gift Sets. The Tranquillity Mooncake Set (HK$660) includes Matcha Almond and Matcha Red Bean mooncakes (4 pcs/box) with Japanese ceremonial-grade matcha and hojicha; the Harmony Mooncake Set (HK$880) and the Full Moon Set (HK$820) offer the two mooncakes (4 pcs/box), hojicha or matcha, alongside a Chawan (tea bowl), a Chashaku (tea scoop), and a Chasen (tea whisk).

Matchali’s Early Bird Special offers 10% off every five boxes or more available until 14 August for pick-up in-store or pre-order at least five days in advance for each handcrafted mooncake, while supplies last.

Website: www.matchali.com

Address: 5 Moon Street, Wan Chai

Operating hours:

Monday to Friday: 8am – 7pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 9am – 7pm