“Munich Disco Days”

To celebrate four decades of design and innovation, German luxury purveyor MCM – born in Munich in 1976 – harkens back to the golden age of style, glamour, dance, freedom, and creativity: the disco years. “Munich Disco Days” recalls the German city’s heyday and an artistic environment that gave rise to MCM’s brand principles of personal liberty and artistic expression – a time when Munich served as a center of culture and music, as well as a playground for the very first jetsetters.

This iconic inspiration yields a collection that blends a glossy ’70s chic with elements of classic Bauhaus design, Ziggy Stardust – era David Bowie, and the conceptual creations of Germany’s modern art pioneer Oskar Schlemmer. Paying homage to MCM’s continued legacy of innovation, luxury, and quality, the range presents stunning contrasts in color, style, and pattern: warm and cold, hard and soft, modern and traditional. Though the collection indulges in imaginative flights of fashion and fancy, it simultaneously builds on MCM’s longstanding foundation of craftsmanship and quality.

MCM realizes its disco inspiration with graphic shapes, fearless Technicolor hues, sparkling studded motifs, and trippy polka-dot patterns. There are bold, vibrant, shimmering accessories designed for stylish days and unending nights. Yet the collection also ups the ante on German luxury with refined new colorways and sumptuous new materials. Vibrant jewel tones of beet pink, cognac, and tile blue are paired with gleaming metallic shades of gold and steel – both accented with precious pops of mint, rose, and custard. Building on its expansive accessory offering, MCM introduces a range of women’s styles, including the Marien and the Mitte, and several utilitarian unisex pieces from the Transformer and Tumbler series.

The strength in this free-spirited range lies in the contrast between high disco glamour and classic design – pieces created to inject the lives of their wearers with color, style, and dynamism. MCM devotees will surely be ready to dance.

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