深邃含意遇上神秘魅力:LEGENDS NAGA

The majestic Naga dragon, a symbol of myth and magic, is brought to life for Spring 20 in new double-headed styles for both men and women.

2020年春季系列將代表神話與魔法的那伽 (Naga) 神龍活現眼前,帶來飾以全新雙龍頭細節的男女士首飾。

According to Balinese legend, the Naga dragon resides atop one of the island’s volcanoes, descending nightly to the sea to visit his true love, the pearl. His journey precipitates lava on the mountain and tsunamis in the ocean, contrasting fire and water, ferocity and passion. Upon his return, water cascades from his scales, nourishing rice fields and bringing prosperity to the people of Bali.


Joined together in an infinite circle, the new double-headed Naga is symbolic of prosperity, love, and protection. This season’s updated expression features a variety of materials, including sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, black sapphire, and woven leather. For women’s, an assortment of sterling silver bracelets with rings of 18k yellow gold palu and black sapphire stones. Statement necklaces are available in sterling silver and 18k gold with blue sapphire eyes featuring a Naga head clasp. For men’s, double wrap and row bracelets in woven leather, sterling silver, and blackened silver with bronze – the perfect addition to a Spring stack. The men’s collection also features pendant necklaces and signet rings that are perfect for stacking.