Every Anteprima Wirebag is meticulously hand-knitted with the exclusive and innovative wire material originated from Bologna, Italy and known mostly for its skillfully crafted, artistic yet fun 3D bags.

Named after the British Royal Family’s youngest member, CHARLOTTE is seamlessly hand-crafted without the aid of machines into a rounded, classic basket shape.

ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG Charlotte Fiori Perlati (Fiori Perlati) Wirebag_PB16SJ66D6_Fucsia_HKD3695 copyANTEPRIMA WIREBAG Charlotte Fiori Perlati (Fiori Perlati) Wirebag_PB16SJ66D6_Argento_HKD3695 copy


CHARLOTTE Fiori Perlati, is created by skillfully interweaving wire with sequins and pearly beads, artistically adorned with the embellishment of translucent floral petals. CHARLOTTE Fiori Perlati is about glamour and sweetness.


Charlotte (Fiori Perlati)

HK$ 3695 each


CHARLOTTE New Standard, an application in monotone colorways, comes in various translucent colors fit for any style during the playful summer.

This light-weighted but deceivingly spacious roomy bag can fit all your necessities with a zipper closure and can be easily converted as a clutch, wristlet or cross-body bag.

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ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG Charlotte (New Standard)_PB16S016D6_Argento_HKD2695 copyANTEPRIMA WIREBAG Charlotte (New Standard)_PB16S016D6_Zaffiro_HKD2695 copy

CHARLOTTE is an art piece of craftsmanship that is creatively mixed with diverse materials and artistic details.


Charlotte (New Standard)

HK$ 2695 each


Happiness is an icon bag. A bag that becomes a woman’s best friend, always faithful on her wrist or shoulders. A companion that, like herself, is always ahead of fashion but never out of style. A bag that creates as the spotlight, and brings cache to the arms it belongs on.

ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG uses only the most exquisite materials, including an exclusive wire that is crafted in a wide range of colors, to hand-knit lightweight creations that gleam with just a hint of light.

An instant hit when it was first released in 1998, the WIREBAG has since evolved into a fashion icon in its own right. Artfully crafted into new, beautiful hues and shapes, every collection brings refreshing novelty into the fashion world every season.

Flawlessly spun into a matrix of high-tech materials and timeless craftsmanship, each bag represents the perfect balance of confidence, strength and playfulness that characterizes the independent modern woman.

ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG: To have and to hold, now and forever.


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