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Ming Court, Wanchai The Chef’s Table Kweichow Moutai Symphony Tasting Menu

Ming Court, Wanchai is delighted to unveil the exquisite and alluring“The Chef’s Table Kweichow Moutai Symphony”, offering a truly immersive and interactive dining experience at the Chef’s Table Private Dining Room. Paired with special editions and specified vintages of Kweichow Moutai, this menu offers an unforgettable feast for the senses, taking guests to embark on an extraordinary gastronomic journey.

Ming Court, Wanchai’s esteemed Culinary Director Chef Tsang Chiu King and Executive Sous Chef Do Yiu Fung have meticulously curated a 6-course tasting menu from classic Cantonese specialties to delicate personal creations, such as Deep-Fried Crispy Fish Maw with Caviar in Conpoy Sauce, Braised Kanto Sea Cucumber with Rice Crisps and Sweet Beans in Abalone Sauce and more. Delight in the captivating spectacle as the convergence of the finest flavours and the culinary team’s artistry is presented right in front of guests in the exclusive private kitchen from the Chef’s Table Private Dining Room.

The six-person set menu includes choices of two Kweichow Moutai bottles. One of the Kweichow Mouta bottles is a special edition, namely Moutai, Kweichow Five Star 2012, China or Moutai, Kweichow Citic Jinling Edition 2017, China (valued at up to HK$9,900 per bottle). The second bottle can be selected from various vintage years ranging from 2003 to 2009 (valued at up to HK$10,800 per bottle). In addition to the package, diners also have the opportunity to top-up with rare versions of Kweichow Moutai, such as the editions from 1983-1986 or from 1987-1990 (valued at up to HK$54,000 per bottle).Highlighted dishes from “The Chef’s Table Kweichow Moutai Symphony” include:

  • Double-Boiled Partridge Soup with Dendrobium Flower and Sea Whelk in Whole Coconut: Exquisite and nutritious ingredients such as partridge, sea whelk and dendrobium flower are double-boiled in a whole coconut to create a symphony of flavours with delightful mild sweetness, which the soup is nourishing and replenishing.
  • Deep-Fried Crispy Fish Maw with Caviar in Conpoy Sauce: One of the signature creations by Chef Tsang – fish maw is deep-fried in egg white batter coating at high temperature, resulting in a delightful combination of crispy and chewy texture, complemented by the special conpoy sauce with a dash of black caviar. This dish is the embodiment of creative ingenuity, by elevating such precious ingredient to its utmost potential and deliver an irresistible burst of umami flavour.
  • Steamed Leopard Coral Garoupa Fillet with Fresh Peppercorn in Supreme Soy Sauce: The tender fish fillet is steamed with fresh peppercorn in supreme soy sauce to highlight the perfect amount of spiciness and numbness to tantalise your taste buds with tingling spice and aroma.
  • Braised Boston Lobster in Singapore Style accompanied with Deep-Fried Bun: Featuring premium Boston lobster, this dish is braised in the culinary team’s special blend of sauce, which its subtle spiciness enhance the natural sweetness of the lobster, while the crunchy deep-fried bun provides an enjoyment of elevated textures.
  • Braised Duck with Basil, Garlic, Shallots in Clay Pot and Scented with Moutai:The intensely rich duck is braised in a clay pot using the nostalgic cooking technique that retains its tender juiciness. The combination of garlic, basil and shallots add a distinctive flavour, while a touch of Moutai fragrance on the lid enhances its aromatic essence. Each bite is a journey of rich and layered indulgence.
  • Braised Kanto Sea Cucumber with Rice Crisps and Sweet Beans in Abalone Sauce:

One of the signature creations by Chef Tsang – braising the rice in special abalone sauce with extra rice crisps, and accompanied by the sweet beans to enhance the crunchy texture with sweet flavour, taking this delicacy to the next level.

“The Chef’s Table Kweichow Moutai Symphony” tasting menu is available from now until 31 March 2024, with a minimum of six persons per reservation of Chef’s Table Private Dining Room are required. This set menu is priced at HK$32,888 for six persons, including two bottles of Moutai, Kweichow, China.

Click here to view “The Chef’s Table Kweichow Moutai Symphony” tasting menu.

All prices are in HKD net (inclusive of tea charge and 10% service charge). All menu items are subject to change due to seasonality and availability. Restaurant bookings may be made at +852 2878 1212 or via email mcwan.reservation@mingcourt.com.hk or Whatsapp +852 6293 4124 at least 3 days in advance. The Chef’s Table Private Dining Room is subject to availability.