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Mira Dining Presents Six Hands Dinner – S’accapau Tokyo x Chinesology x WHISK

A Tale of 2 Cities, 3 Chefs and 4 Cuisines:
S’accapau x Chinesology x WHISK Six Hands Dinner

Mira Dining Presents An Unprecedented Gourmet Event Featuring Three Acclaimed Chefs: Taku Tabuchi (Tokyo), Saito Chau & William Lau

Hong Kong and Tokyo are renowned for their fusion of diverse culinary cultures, earning them well-deserved monikers of “Asian food paradise” and “gourmet capital of the world”. Saturated with Michelin-rated dining establishments, both cities have nurtured a wealth of talented and innovative chefs, who continue to push the boundaries of flavor and creativity. In April, Mira Dining and The Mira Hong Kong will launch its highly anticipated inaugural Gourmet Month in celebration of Anniversary of Miramar Group, featuring a carefully curated selection of culinary delights from each of their restaurants. On April 21st and 22nd , three young chefs from Hong Kong and Tokyo will join hands at WHISK and Chinesology to curate a gastronomic journey that bridges together four major cuisines – Italian, Chinese, French, and Japanese. The impressive lineup includes Chef Taku Tabuchi (Creative Italian cuisine) from S’accapau in Tokyo, Chef William Lau (French-Japanese cuisine) from WHISK, and Chef Saito Chau (Modern Chinese cuisine) from Chinesology. This exceptional collaboration promises to showcase remarkable creativity and craftsmanship to food enthusiasts, delivering a culinary experience without borders.



S’accapau Tokyo

Prized Young Hong Kong and Japanese Chefs Create Cultural Culinary Fusion

The culinary powerhouses of S’accapau, Chinesology, and WHISK are set to collaborate in a not-to-be missed six hands dinner on April 21stand 22nd, providing diners with a rare and exclusive opportunity to engage with and learn from three masterful chefs. The 10-course menu, priced at $1,988 per person, offers limited availability each evening. Diners can also elevate their dining experience by indulging in a selection of meticulously curated premium Japanese sake and wine, expertly paired by a team of professional sommeliers to ensure an impeccable harmony of flavors. Wine pairing options include four glasses for $480 or eight glasses for $780 per person, further enriching the gastronomic journey. Don’t miss out on this exceptional dining experience, book your seats now on Mira eShop for 21 April (WHISK) and contact +852 6809 2299 for 22 April (Chinesology) to secure your spot at the hottest tables in town.

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