13 May 2022 By May Ng

Miss Dior Rose Essence

Spring is finally here, illuminated by the May roses of Grasse, also known as Centifolia roses, that flower in their thousands. Exquisitely fresh, dazzlingly colourful, they are never more beautiful than in the early hours. Women are busy in the fields, the sun is barely up. The harvest is generous, gratifying; soon picked, soon carried away, this time the roses will be transformed into a precious Centifolia rose water.
Today, for the very first time, Dior has chosen to distil the entire May rose harvest from the Domaine de Manon, to collect its rose water.

A unique, crazy challenge, to give Miss Dior the most beautiful and the most precious of floral waters. Now a genuine legend, the May rose floral water thereby helps perpetuate a female ceremony that has crossed time and can finally be shared at the heart of a fragrance creation: Miss Dior Rose Essence.

Grasse May rose water shines at the heart of Miss Dior, like an exceptional, intentionally generous gift from the House of Dior, the only one of its kind, Miss Dior Rose Essence is presented as a yearly perfume vintage, graced with refined and versatile floral nuances that reflect the particular characteristics of each harvest, year after year.

Miss Dior Rose Essence, or the floral, fresh and woody celebration of a vibrant Grasse spring time.

Suggested Price:

Miss Dior Rose Essence $1,750/100ml