1 Feb 2023 By AWAY IN STYLE

MIU MIU 2023 春夏系列廣告企劃


What is the function of fashion? And where is its place in life? The Miu Miu Spring/Summer campaign and the ready-to-wear collection pose and attempt to answer such questions. In so doing, both also illustrate the profound affect wardrobe may have on human existence as an endlessly life enhancing form of self- expression.

Photographed by Zoe Ghertner, the story is an exploration of character starring cross-disciplinary talent including Ever Anderson Achol Ayor, Emma Corrin, Kendall Jenner, Esther McGregor, Quintessa Swindell, Karolin Wolter and Lim Yoona. They are united in their courage and desire to challenge convention and in their distinctive beauty and sense of style.

They are wearing a collection that plays on by now iconic Miu Miu thematics: versions and subversions of uniform; the reproportioning of wardrobe archetypes including tailored jackets, shorts, trousers, skirts and shirts; references to sportswear and utilitarian outerwear embellished with oversized patch pockets, here re-imagined in silks and in a muted colour palette. The flip-flop sandal becomes a studiously strange hybrid sock boot. Looks are layered – an indication of the complexity of the people wearing them.

Miuccia Prada has continuously searched for contemporary notions of appeal and allure in clothing. For all its rarefied understanding and acknowledgement of the importance of fashion, there is a humanity at play here that affords the freedom to be as serious or as playful, as fragile or as powerful and as dressed up or as understated as, at any given time, we may wish to be.

Talent: Ever Anderson, Achol Ayor, Emma Corrin, Kendall Jenner, Esther McGregor, Quintessa Swindell, Karolin Wolter and Lim Yoona
Stylist: Lotta Volkova
Photography: Zoe Ghertner

MIU MIU 2023 春夏系列廣告企劃

時裝有什麼作用?它在生活中扮演什麼角色?Miu Miu 春夏系列的全新廣告企劃提出 並試圖解答這些本質問題。為此,兩者闡述時裝作為持續提升生活的自我表達形式, 對我們生活帶來的深遠影響。

講述了跨界別人才的故事,包括 Ever Anderson、Achol Ayor、Emma Corrin、 Kendall Jenner、Esther McGregor、Quintessa Swindell、Karolin Wolter 和林潤娥。 憑藉與眾不同的美態和獨特的風格,她們團結一致,勇敢挑戰常規。

她們身穿的系列貫徹儼然成為延續了 Miu Miu 的標誌性主題: 顛覆「制服」的不同形 式,革新衣櫥的原型,包括量身訂制的西裝外套、短褲、長褲、半截裙及恤衫;擷取 運動服的元素,綴有超大明袋的實用外套,以絲綢縫製並染上淡雅色彩。人字拖涼鞋 刻意化作怪誕的混搭風襪靴。造型堆疊出層次感,展現穿衣者的多面性。

Miuccia Prada 一直在尋找吸引力和魅力的當代意義。且不說深入理解和承認時尚的 重要性,並讓人在看似相反的概念之間自由走動:嚴肅但活潑有趣,脆弱但堅強,盛 裝或素雅低調,隨心所欲,不受拘束。

演員:Ever Anderson,、Achol Ayor、Emma Corrin、Kendall Jenner、Esther McGregor、Quintessa Swindell、Karolin Wolter 和林潤娥
造型:Lotta Volkova
攝影:Zoe Ghertne