Miu Miu Clouds Special Collection



The pop aesthetic of the Miu Miu Clouds glasses are characterised by a minimalist construction enlivened by the irreverent touch of the soft, cloud-shaped tinted lenses

The sunglasses of the Miu Miu Clouds collection express the brand’s irreverent spirit. The metal frames are defined by a single shield lens and by playful profiles that draw inspiration from the ethereal world of clouds.

Miu Miu Clouds 系列的太陽眼鏡款式展現出品牌劍走偏鋒的精神。簡約的金屬框架配以一片式鏡片,猶如面具般包裹眼周線條,其俏皮造型以天空中柔美的雲朵為設計靈感。

MU55US HKD2,700


The essential metal frame is adorned by teardrop semi-rimless tinted lenses inspired in shape by a cloud’s sinuous profiles.

來自 Miu Miu Clouds 全新特別系列的眼鏡以雲朵曲線為設計靈感,簡約金屬框架飛行員鏡配搭自由奔放的色調,奪目搶眼。

MU56US HKD2,700

The collection’s pop aesthetic takes form in the playful note conveyed by the cloud-shaped lenses, contrasting with the metal frame’s minimalist flair.

Miu Miu Clouds 太陽眼鏡特別系列呈現跳脫活潑的美學,以俏皮的雲朵造型鏡片,與金屬框架的簡約氣質形成鮮明對比

MU57US HKD2,700