3 Jan 2024 By May Ng

Moncler celebrates the year of the Dragon with a capsule collection and campaign starring Hou Ming Hao

2024 heralds the Year of the Dragon; a powerful and benevolent figure of mythology and a symbol of strength, divinity and determination in cultures across the world. Moncler has created a capsule collection for men and women that is infused with subtle references to the lore of the mythological creature, focusing on its intrinsic characteristics to create a collection that is both distinctive and celebratory, as well as easy to wear. A campaign by photographer Leslie Zhang and starring Hou Ming Hao draws inspiration from the symbols of the dragon through deep shades of red and circular motifs.

Comprising three full looks for men and for women, the collection logo fuses the head of the dragon with Moncler’s logo outline to encapsulate a positive message of power and strength. Boudin quilting is inspired by the shape of dragon scales and patterns of a suit of armour, and is expressed in luminous nylon laqué.

A clean palette of black, white and pink creates ease of wear and multiple options for mix and matching. Ready-to-wear consists of versatile pieces such as padded zipped cardigans, reinforced track pants and sweatshirts, with the dragon logo imprinted throughout. The Trailgrip sneaker has been re-expressed in a jubilant colorway of reflective mesh, rubber texturized with a dragon-skin flourish, and a hot pink sole that ties it to the exuberance of the overall collection.

Nuanced, impactful and optimistic, it’s a capsule designed to empower the wearer and celebrate all that the dragon symbolizes.