5 Feb 2024 By May Ng


St. Moritz, February 5th, 2024 – A gathering of humans in the forest, immersed in the wonderful nature, breathing in unison with the elements, in a fairy tale atmosphere: Moncler’s community comes together on the slopes after a day of mountain life, to enjoy a never-before-felt experience in the woods, where Moncler Grenoble fully expresses its identity and ethos.

Of the Moncler dimensions, Moncler Grenoble is the one closest to the mountaineering roots of the brand and the most authentic to its DNA, with performance at its core. Due to its high technical capabilities, over the years, Moncler has accompanied epic expeditions to K2, Makalu, Alaska and in 1968 became the official supplier to the French national alpine skiing team during the Grenoble Winter Olympic Games.

Relying on enduring research and fearless experimentation, fueled by a passion for performance and the great outdoors, Moncler Grenoble fully integrates form and function, merging technical prowess with high style in a thoroughly expansive offer that covers all aspects of mountain life, from slope to après ski, and various outdoor experiences, all year round.

February 3rd, 2024, as guests mingled in the Clavadatsch lodge, before taking a seat outside in the forest, as streams of light drew the towering silhouettes of majestic trees and models walked down the sinuous curves of a runway passing through an ethereal atmosphere, Moncler Grenoble fully expressed the infinite variety of its nature in its natural environment. Just as mountain enthusiasts gather in a chalet with die-hard sportsmen, winter lovers and sun worshippers in high altitude on an average day in St. Moritz, the collection is also a gathering and mingling of different worlds, overcoming technical challenges and fostering an idea of winter style that is confident in its elegance and sophistication.

This is a story tied together by people and the environment, performance and style. Colors used in the Moncler Grenoble Fall/Winter 2024 men’s and women’s collections give immediate visibility to the will of being quiet yet remarkable: pale tones of snow and ice; warm hues of trees and vegetation; the black of the night; identitarian mixes of red, white and blue.

Harmony is translated in an idea of subtleness. Items reveal even more of their value up close: intricate geometric intarsia recall traditional quilts on both technical jackets and sheepskin accents; quilting creates the effect of Aran knit stitches on ski jackets and apparel; duvets are fully fashioned in knit; strands of virgin wool and alpaca present voluminous shagginess. Nothing is ever as it seems like unexpected materials and functions combined together: worlds collide and mutate, as shirts that turn into ski jackets, stitch embroideries and maxi crochets land on technical pieces and flannel is laminated to be apt for the slopes. Functional shapes – some of them generated with AI and then engineered by humans to obtain bold volumes – are highlighted by sums of different materials.

Everything is envisioned to offer a delicate open-air experience that is unprecedented and made more unique by its approach to sound: the score to the show is also aired through individual headphones, to live an intimate experience.

In high altitude, a vision of high style unfolds naturally, revealing highly performative qualities, because style always influences technique, and in the end everything comes together.

Moncler extends its deepest gratitude to the Tourist Office, the Municipality as well as local community of St. Moritz, whose collaboration and thoughtful insight have made the event of this weekend possible.