Montblanc announces Xin Zhilei as Brand Ambassador

Luxury Maison Montblanc introduces actress Xin Zhilei as brand ambassador. With her compelling performances in both film and television, Xin has made a lasting impression on audiences across China demonstrating her ability to craft  distinctive characters. She has also earned attention as an emerging icon of the fashion world.  Staying true to her aspirations and passions,  she has embarked on her own unique journey to reach her goals with confidence, creativity and a unique sense of style. These qualities make her a Montblanc Mark Maker, an individual who makes their mark on the world and embodies WHAT MOVES YOU, MAKES YOU, the Maison’s brand ethos. In her role as ambassador, Xin will join the Maison in its mission to inspire people to express their full potential on their own terms, and celebrate those who have found their own original path to success.

Known for her leading roles in movies Crosscurrent and Brotherhood of Blades II, and TV series Candle in the Tomb, Xin always remains true to her original beliefs, and never stops exploring new possibilities in her journey as an actress. In addition to her thriving acting career, she is also a strong presence in the fashion world gracing the cover of many fashion magazines. Xin’s desire to excel, her determination to keep pushing boundaries and her positive mindset are qualities that set her apart.

Bohème is Montblanc’s central women’s product line that captures the essence of fine watchmaking in its own unique way. Since its launch in 2014, it has been a favorite among powerful women. With Xin Zhilei as a new Mark Maker Montblanc hopes to continue to inspire women who are changing the face of success to pursue the endeavors that they love and enjoy the road they take to get there.