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The Legacy House at Rosewood Hong Kong celebrates the harvest of delicious and earthy wild mushrooms in China’s south western-most province of Yunnan, by way of a new seasonal menu of mushroom specials by Chinese Executive Chef Li Chi-Wai. From now until end of September 2021, The Legacy House will serve an exquisite selection of dishes that features freshly foraged mushrooms that are delivered twice per week from Yunnan, straight to The Legacy House.

A province renowned for the variety and delicacy of its mushrooms, Yunnan’s summertime monsoon results in a trove of wild mushrooms foraged by entrepreneurs and amateur enthusiasts alike. Today, there are at least 1,000 varieties of edible varieties of mushroom – such as lichen, wood ear and porcini – growing in the forests and meadows of Yunnan. High in protein and low in fat, mushrooms are revered for their health and medicinal properties, as well as reputed aphrodisiac qualities

The limited-time Yunnan Mushroom Recommendations menu with a total of eight new dishes by Chef Li features the unique flavours and versatility of wild mushrooms. Highlights include Hokkigai (HKD480) that is softly poached in pork broth, complemented with Yunnan’s jicong or termite mushrooms, which grow only on termite mounds in the wild. Braised Morel Mushrooms (HKD420) are famous for their spongy texture with an appearance resembling sheep tripe. Shrimp paste, pork and wild mushrooms are brewed along with the morels in chicken broth to produce a potent gravy and the dish is finished with cooked spinach.

The Swollen Stalked Cat Mushroom is a mild, sweet, firm and versatile mushroom variety and the star of the Wagyu Beef Stir-Fry (HKD780.) The mushrooms are wok-fried with green onion, chilli and wagyu beef to create a harmonious dish. The beloved wild Chanterelle Mushroom can be enjoyed in a premium Lobster & Egg Stir-Fry (HKD880), featuring silky scrambled eggs, Chanterelles and juicy lobster.

Finally, a dish that incorporates three varieties of mushroom is the Double-Boiled Winter Melon Soup (HKD980), a highly nourishing shared-style soup that includes chicken, crab meat, Jinhua ham, lotus seed, and Yunnan mushrooms including Chanterelle, termite and the highly elusive matsutake.

Visit HERE for the full menu of seasonal Yunnan Mushroom Recommendations at The Legacy House.

About Li Chi-Wai, Rosewood Hong Kong Chinese Executive Chef

Acclaimed Chef Li Chi Wai brings over two decades of culinary expertise to Rosewood Hong Kong in his position as Chinese executive chef at The Legacy House and specialises in creating refined Cantonese cuisine as well as gastronomy from the Shunde region of southern China’s Guangdong province.

A master of traditional Cantonese cuisine, Chef Li has served in senior management positions at several top-tier international luxury hotels in the region, encompassing significant new openings, menu development and operations. Throughout his career, Chef Li has played pivotal roles in prestigious events.  In 2014, he prepared the welcome dinner for Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, during the 15th anniversary celebrations of Macau’s reunification with China.

The Legacy House is open for lunch from 12 to 2:30 p.m. and dinner from 6 to 10 p.m. For reservations, please call +852 3891 8732 or email hongkong.chineserestaurant@rosewoodhotels.com.

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