7 Nov 2021 By May Ng

Mott 32 Celebrates Autumn with Seasonal Hairy Crab Menu

Since opening its doors, Mott 32 has pioneered carefully crafted modern Chinese cuisine through menus that highlight traditional cooking techniques and premium ingredients. This November, the award-winning restaurant will be launching its annual menu that celebrates hairy crabs, the most sought-after Chinese ingredient of the season.

A manifestation of Mott 32’s culinary ambition, the Seasonal Hairy Crab Set Menu focuses on time-honoured Shanghainese-style dishes and reinterprets them with contemporary flair. To give guests a full experience, Chef Lee Man-Sing and his team have developed a well-rounded menu that pairs hairy crab with other carefully chosen ingredients.

Starters are a key focus of the Seasonal Hairy Crab Set Menu and draw inspiration from beloved Shanghainese dishes. Chef Lee has interpreted these recipes in dishes such as Hairy Crab Roe & Minced Pork Soup Dumpling and Hairy Crab Claw, Hawthorn Jelly. Bringing a local touch to the menu, the Hairy Crab Roe Soup and Gac Fruit is made with Hong Kong’s paradise fruit, which is farmed in Yuen Long and used to enhance the flavours of the hairy crab.

The highlight of the meal is the 226-gram Steamed Whole Hairy Crab which showcases the star ingredient in all its glory. Although the start of Hairy Crab season is from mid-September, Chef Lee made the decision to wait until November to start serving his menu in order to secure the best quality crabs, which come later on in the year. At this point, the crabs are bigger and have both their roe and meat in the best condition and at their most delicious. To create a sense of balance in the menu, the mains and desserts include a few surprises. The Tossed Shanghainese Noodles, Hairy Crab Roe dish returns for its second year after an overwhelmingly successful reception among last year’s diners, meat comes in the form of Traditional Braised Pork Belly, and the Baked Mandarin Fish in Hairy Crab Shell features fish cut into fine pieces that resemble rice granules to create a fresh interpretation of a very popular seasonal Shanghainese plate.

To round out the meal, the set menu features two desserts that shouldn’t be missed. The refreshing Soya Milk Ice Cream, Ginger Jelly is a light finish to the meal, with the Glutinous Rice Dumpling, Red Bean Paste offers a more traditional ending.

Priced at HK $1,380 +10% pp, the Seasonal Hairy Crab Set Menu will be available at Mott 32 Hong Kong from 1 November until 15 December 2021. There is an optional wine pairing available for an additional HK $480pp.