Movers & Cashmere Launches Series IV “The Essence”

“Ultimate aesthetic and creative collusion of architecture, art and fashion”

A Proud Scandinavian partnership with Sørensen Leather and Norm Architects

Movers & Cashmere launches its fourth series, its design philosophy embodies the concept of The Essence of Things – “In art, one does not aim for simplicity; one achieves it unintentionally as one gets closer to the real meaning of things.” – Constantin Brancusi. Clothes pared back to their essence with reduced forms, natural materials, and a neutral, harmonious palette. From clean silhouettes, delicately elevated sleeves, considered high necks, soft yet structured trouser lines, double-faced fabrications, punctuated and detailed aniline trims, the elegantly grown-up collection compliments the true essence of the modern woman who define these pieces. Appreciated beyond time and seasons, they are the essence of things transcended from the essence of their owner.

Since the brand’s debut in 2016, Movers & Cashmere continues to empower “of the moment yet timeless” designs, and to join forces with collaborative partners based on mutual ideologies, a true passion for design and appreciation of natural materials. Stepping into its forth series, the brand put their work in wider context, opening up a new creative perspective on its multidisciplinary art collaboration with world-class Danish leather house, Sørensen Leather and globally renowned Copenhagen-based architecture & design studio, Norm Architects. A visual dialogue between touch and architecture, the collaboration combines the visionary modern living philosophy of Movers & Cashmere with the architectural and tactile world of Norm Architects and Sørensen Leather, where Cashmere-Leather apparel pieces dances in the universe of soft minimalism architecture and leather objects through the lens and art direction of Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, renowned Danish Architect and founding partner of Norm Architects, manifesting the true elements of Scandinavian design.

Movers & Cashmere’s Series IV collection has a big emphasis on seasonless double-faced cashmere outerwear. A continuation of the collaboration with  Sørensen Leather, the exclusive leather house of world-class architects and designers, namely Arne Jacobsen among many others, the collection introduces reimagined signature piece, Aarhus Cashmere-leather bomber, The Movers Cashmere-Leather Wrap Coat and Outlined Cashmere-Leather Cape Jacket. The outerwear line-up is a clever manipulation of natural materials, combining the best of both worlds, Cashmere and Leather, crafted with impeccably soft and sumptuous world-class Inner Mongolian cashmere, subtly detailed with luxurious nappa leather. Celebrating the partnership, the brand has created an all-black Sørensen Leather limited edition bomber jacket in matt black hardware in place of the brand’s signature rose gold hardware. The sculptural collarless wrap coat is the one coat you will wear all winter, seasons after seasons, made to stand the test of time, not built on grand statements but on smart investments – this is where we let the materials do the talking. The collection’s new statement hero, the clean and concise cape jacket manifests architectural & sculptural shapes and punctuations. All collective pieces not to be missed.


Complimenting the graceful new line-up of outwear are utilitarian pieces that are effortlessly designed for modern women’s everyday purposeful wanderings. In the Form Turtleneck Sweater offers a serene clean balance between pure and fluid lines. The turtleneck is also introduced in Eco-Cashmere – sustainable, all natural, undyed, and chemical-free, where strong simplicity are channelled into the most pure materials in its most natural color. Precious in its best way. A somewhat more serious-minded straight-up, no-fuss The Structured Trousers are also in the line-up, classically tailored, soft but structured, comfortable but workable for all our power women – strong, relaxed and confident. While throughout the serenity of The Essence series, presented in a neutral palette along with subtle autumn & winter hues and pops of blue, the brand also makes a delightful colourful statement through the Balance Blocks Cashmere Sweater, presenting emotions with substance and modernity.

The collection is now exclusively available at online flagship and will be available at iconic Scandinavian fashion destination VEIN in Lee Garden One Hong Kong and global select stores starting from November 2019.