4 Jan 2024 By May Ng

Moxie and CulinArt 1862 Unite for a One-Night Only Culinary Adventure Collaboration Menu by Chefs Michael Smith and Stanley Wong at CulinArt 1862

Moxie and CulinArt 1862 are teaming up for the first time to bring the public an exclusive dining experience with a one-night only collaboration menu. Chefs Michael Smith from Moxie and Stanley Wong from CulinArt 1862 have put their creative forces together to create a six-course culinary indulgence, inspired by sustainably and locally sourced ingredients.

Available on 30 January only, this one-off dinner will take place at CulinArt 1862 in Causeway Bay. The chef duo will be on hand to prepare a spectacular tasting menu for guests using ingredients grown on local farms and sustainably sourced seafood.

CulinArt 1862 chef Stanley Wong has a talent for blending multi-national cuisines with Asian elements, while Moxie chef Michael Smith adheres to an ingredient-oriented approach when cooking, selecting top-notch produce and seafood to prepare creative dishes.

The menu begins with canapes made by Moxie including Freekeh Falafel with Herb Mayonnaise and Teriyaki Glazed Eggplant and Corn Skewers, using local farm vegetables. The starter, also made by Chef Michael, is Seared Yellow Fin Tuna served with Nori Roll, Wasabi and Lovage Vinaigrette.

The main course made by CulinArt 1862 is a delicate Monkfish ‘Foie Gras’ served with Burnt Dashi Leeks and Honey Miso, followed by the seafood main course, Moxie’s signature sustainably sourced Seared Fremantle Octopus served with Pumpkin and Macadamia Stuffed Ravioli and Tamarind and Herb Dressing. Following this, Chef Stanley presents a Seared John Dory complimented with a prawn bisque, garlic and parsnips.

The menu is rounded out by two signature desserts, namely a Poppy Seed Crumble Cake served by Chef Stanley, and Chef Michael’s classic Lamington served with Davidson Plum Gel, which is both delicious and dairy-free.

Moxie x CulinArt 1862 reservations: http://sevn.ly/xMLsMJQU

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Culinart Moxie
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