5 Jan 2023 By May Ng

MTM custom-blended 3D collamoist

Rejuvenate your skin to youth by unveiling the [ custom-blended skincare ] 3D secrets.

Unlock the secret to amazing skin with tri-marine collagen and the custom-blended skincare essences for beautifully defined facial, eye and lip contours.

Time, photo-aging and gravity along skin to sag. 70% of the skin’s protein is made up of collagen, which gradually decreases, diminishing the skin’s elasticity and moisture retention capacity, increases appearance of wrinkles, tear troughs, eye bags, and other signs of aging skin. Proper skin care and maintenance are essential to prolong youth and beauty.

Incorporating 3D Intelligent Infusion Technology, the tri-marine collagen thoroughly permeates each layer of the skin. Cells from the dermis to epidermis are rejuvenated, achieving the standard of amazing skin. It also sets the standard for well-defined contours and blemish-free skin.

custom-blended 3D collamoist cream (HK$3,380 / 29g)

custom-blended 3D collamoist eye cream (HK$2,180 / 14g)

3D collamoist lip treatment (HK$300 / 12g)

Well-defined contours for eyes, face and lips
Eye care - custom-blended 3D collamoist eye cream
Lip care - 3D collamoist lip treatment