7 Mar 2023 By May Ng

MTM custom-blended re-white formulas

White is the symbol of discreet elegance in nature, purity, the eternal base color. mtm labo [ custom-blended skincare ] progressively restores the ultimate source of fairness in the skin, a state of purified, flawless beauty.

mtm labo knows you and your skin. We listen carefully to the needs of the skin. This season, we combine skincare expertise with medical research advances to create the custom-blended re-white formulas, a whitening collection that has been officially approved as a Quasi-drug in Japan. With excellent levels of safety and efficacy proven under precise authentication procedures, this collection has a double action to suppress the production of melanin and prevent the formation of pigmentation
and offers deep moisturizing to exert the highest whitening effect. Hence, we offer you our [ custom-blended skincare ] solution that best fits your skin, we select the most suitable botanical extracts to formulate products from custom-blended re-white formulas for your skin condition to maximize the effects. It leads to