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Originating from Japanese tea ceremonies, the concept of “One Moment, One Encounter” describes the realization of the irreversibility of time, which emphasizes that every encounter is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and thereby highlights the necessity of genuine hospitality. Likewise, MTM believes every single encounter is unique and thus provides the most suitable products wholeheartedly for every skincare moment; and is well aware of the augmenting gravity of environmental pollution. MTM is here to bring to you [.Custom-Blended Skincare.] products, best preparing you to defend your skin against pollution.

MTM presents you with new anti-pollution skincare products: Custom-Blended Essential Defender and Custom-Blended Overnight Re-Boost Mask, both of which are complementary to each other to effectively shield your skin from detrimental pollutants, boost anti-oxidation and cell regeneration, and thoroughly rejuvenate your skin. The alternating use of both products ensures the ultimate skin protection against outdoor and indoor pollutants. Furthermore, the products can be Custom-Blended specifically to suit your needs for restoring the authentic beauty of your skin.

Pollution damages our skin’s natural defenses and gives rise to numerous skin problems. Moreover, pollution is ubiquitous. In addition to aggravating outdoor conditions, the amount of airborne suspended particulates and pollutants in enclosed areas could be equally considerable. In view of this, MTM takes the initiative to develop anti-pollution skincare products and proudly presents to you the brand-new Custom-Blended Essential Defender and Custom-Blended Overnight Re-Boost Mask in addition to Custom-Blended Oils, helping you to combat skin problems arising from pollution at all times and in every aspect.

Your Hydro-shield Against Pollution – Dual Hyaluronic Acids

Containing Dual Hyaluronic Acids, both products outperform those with only single Hyaluronic Acid formulation in terms of moisture retention and enhancement. Dual Hyaluronic Acids are comprised of Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid and Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hyaluronate, the combination of which forms an invisible “Hydro-shield” effective in blocking three major types of pollutants, namely suspended particulates (e.g. PM2.5), heavy metals and volatile organic compounds (VOC). Whether you are in an open area or indoors, it serves to protect your skin from harmful substances, and meanwhile, enhances moisture retention of your skin, reduces cell damage and abnormal keratinization, promotes moisture and prevents oxidation, rejuvenating your skin with moisture and glow.

Your Handy Nourishing GuardianCustom-Blended Essential Defender

Even if you are particular about skincare routine, it is at times inevitable to suffer direct exposure to pollutants, especially amidst dry and dirty air. Custom-Blended Essential Defender serves as armor for your skin, promotes moisture and fortifies the defensive dermis. Containing Knotgrass Extract, the product can offer protection from thermal-photoaging, effectively reducing damaged cells caused by sunlight, whilst also minimizing loss of collagen and formation of wrinkles and folds, and conserving elastic fibers to restore skin elasticity and prevent premature aging. Alteromonas Ferment Extract, on the one hand, facilitates chelation of heavy metals brought along by the pollutants, enabling the removal of such waste by means of metabolism. It also reduces any affixture of suspended particulates (e.g. PM2.5) to your skin surface, thereby lessening the poisoning effect and burden imposed by these pollutants. Another ingredient, Thermus Thermophilus Ferment, on the other hand, is a powerful antioxidant that boosts catalase activity for preventing oxidation and removal of free radicals.

Custom-Blended Essential Defender dispenses extraordinarily fine mist that resemble vaporized essences to be rapidly absorbed by your skin and helps to replenish your skin with adequate moisture. Moreover, the handy bottle design features great portability, allowing you to nourish your skin anytime and anywhere. The product does not contain any fragrances or alcohol and is suitable for sensitive skin as well.

Your Nocturnal Skin Reviver – Custom-Blended Overnight Re-Boost Mask

It fends off pollutants from your skin overnight, heightens the defensiveness of skin cells and constantly supplies vital nutrients to impaired and undernourished cells. Zostera Marina Extract helps, on one hand, to minimize loss of collagen, and on the other hand, to promote collagen synthesis, stimulating cell activity of keratinocytes to improve the defensive mechanism of the stratum corneum, contributing to better resistance to external stimuli. Shea Butter contains unsaturated fatty acid Omega-3 that is capable of deeply nourishing damaged skin cells and enhancing moisture retention. Meadowfoam Seed Oil is a highly skin-friendly ingredient that can be easily absorbed for its close resemblance to human sebum. It prevents skin dehydration and prevents oxidation, reviving your skin to complete smoothness.

Custom-Blended Overnight Re-Boost Mask revitalizes your skin during bedtime by conserving nutrients underneath your skin, maximizing skincare efficiency at night and promoting better absorption of nutrients. Skin condition will be restored to its optimal state with ample moisture and rosy glow in one night.

Your No-Pollution Skincare Products

Adhering to MTM’s core value of. [.Custom-Blended Skincare.]., our professional Consultants examine every nuance of your skin and select a suitable combination of Custom-Blended Extracts with the Custom-Blended Essential Defender and Custom-Blended Overnight Re-Boost Mask providing your skin with the specific care and protection you need.

Custom-Blended Essential Defender and Custom-Blended Overnight Re-Boost Mask defend your skin from pollution and simultaneously strengthen and restore your skin condition, returning to its original purity.

Custom-Blended Essential Defender (HK$400/29mL)

Custom-Blended Overnight Re-Boost Mask (HK$890/48g)

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