24 Aug 2023 By May Ng

mtm Organic Skincare Custom-Blended Harmonious Collection

Respecting nature originates from a genuine passion. Embracing an organic lifestyle reflects a way of living, drawing us closer to the natural world. Even amid the noise and chaos of urban life, we can still find the profound beauty that nature bestows through organic living. Nature’s gift is reserved exclusively for the most precious version of yourself.

mtm labo understands you and your skin intimately, presenting an organic skincare series with utmost dedication – the custom-blended harmonious collection. This collection combines the virtues of soothing sensitivity, anti-inflammatory effects, antioxidation, repair, and moisturization into one, contributing to skin resilience and heightened defense mechanisms. The products in this range have achieved Japan’s prestigious ECOFIT 5-star organic certification. They are formulated from a variety of rare organic Japanese plants, known for their gentle yet remarkably effective self-healing properties.

Comprising five distinct items, including facial cleansers, hydrating agents, moisture sealants, essence-revitalizing treatments, and masks, this series offers comprehensive skincare. It facilitates the rejuvenation of delicate skin through an “organic” approach, providing meticulous care without ever feeling heavy-handed.

custom-blended harmonious cleanser (HK$500/157mL)
custom-blended harmonious toner (HK$500/170mL)
custom-blended harmonious essence (HK$1,150/26mL)
custom-blended harmonious moisturizer (HK$790/32g)
custom-blended harmonious mask (HK$980/64g)