N°5 HOLIDAY 2019

To celebrate this holiday, CHANEL invites you to immerse in an artistic world filled with joy and a touch of fantasy.
Directed by Jean-Paul Goude, a new campaign film is dedicated to the holiday season conveys poetry, magic and surprise.
Seated on a giant N5 bottle, Lily-Rose Depp playing as a young actress gazes into a large snow globe, discovers her lucky number N°5, along with her favorite fragrance – N°5 L’EAU.
The touches of red on Lily-Rose Depp’s accessories representing the longstanding tradition at CHANEL iconic fragrance campaigns, also as a tribute to Gabrielle Chanel.

To embrace the magic of CHANEL, four limited edition exclusive offers featuring the iconic fragrance N°5 and N°5 L’eau.

MINI TWIST-AND-SPRAY as a lipstick-style bottle consisting 7ml fragrance and in two refills dressed in a captivating, holiday-themed sleeve.
THEATRE GIFT SET showcasing a 100ml fragrance at the center stage in a theatrical gift box that reveals a magical world.
GIFT SET of Fragrance and Mini Twist-and-Spray allows you to cherish the fragrance at home or take it wherever you go.
N°5 FRAGMENTS D’OR subtly scent the skin with a touch of shimmering, jewel-like veil of gold.

CHANEL presents an ideal and enchanting world to celebrate one of the most beautiful and festive times of the year.

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Shop 1060, Podium Level One, Ifc Mall
Shop 106-107, 1/F Hysan Place
Customer Service Hotline:2810 1083

尖沙咀 海港城海運大廈二階OT201號舖
中環 國際金融中心商場 第1層 1060 舖
銅鑼灣 希慎廣場106-107號舖
顧客服務熱線:2810 1083


今個佳節,CHANEL 邀請你一同進入充滿歡樂又帶點夢幻的藝術世界。
夥伴 Jean-Paul Goude 創作出一套具濃厚聖誕氣氛,洋溢著詩意、奇幻與驚喜的節日短片。
Lily-Rose Depp 化身成年輕女演員坐在一個巨型香水瓶上,凝視眼前的大雪球,發現她的幸運數字 N°5,以及最喜愛的 N°5 L’EAU 香水。
Lily-Rose Depp 身穿的紅色手套及靴子更是延續 CHANEL N°5 香水廣告一直採用的紅色標誌傳統及向 Chanel 女士致敬。

為慶祝佳節,CHANEL 推出 4 款獨家限量版 N°5 EAU DE PARFUM N°5 L’EAU 香水套裝。

迷你裝 TWIST AND SPRAY 套裝以嶄新唇膏造型香水瓶盛載 7ml 香水,並附有兩支補充裝,配上迷人的節日主題包裝,是史上最精緻的 N°5 香水設計之一。
香水及迷你裝 TWIST AND SPRAY 禮盒讓你可隨心選擇在家中使用或隨身相伴迷人香氣。
N°5 FRAGMENTS D’OR 香氛啫喱 送上 CHANEL 香水細膩誘人的香氣,更為肌膚添上閃亮的金色珠光,撩撥每吋感官。

今個聖誕,CHANEL 編寫出完美及無可媲美的方式迎接一年中最美麗的節日時光。


111日有售 / In stores on 1 November