Nantucket Jeté de Chaîne d’Ancre 

Pre-Watches & Wonders
Cape Cod and Nantucket share the same lineage and were both born in 1991, sketched by Henri d’Origny whose initial remit was to design a square watch. One was to be «a square in a rectangle» and the other «a rectangle in a rectangle».
The new Nantucket Jeté de Chaîne d’Ancre watch plays with the «Anchor Chain» motif imagined by Robert Dumas during a trip to the Normandy coast in 1938. The iconic «Anchor Chain» composes the rectangular steel case produced in the Hermès Horloger workshops and illuminates it with its gem-set links sprinkled across a pristine dial. As if swept away by the wind, the diamonds of various sizes form asymmetrical patterns in an airy movement flowing from case to dial. The feminine silhouette of this Very Small Model is relaxed and matches the choice of straps in luminous shades of calf  and alligator leather.