Natura Bissé | DIAMOND COCOON | Global Pollution-Protection Treatment

An invisible world surrounds us. A world containing pollutant particles, gases and heavy metals, and “illuminated” by the blue light emitted by all digital devices as well as by solar radiation. An invisible world with a highly visible impact on our skin; we cannot hide from it but we can protect ourselves against it.

Day after day, your skin is exposed to this invisible world and suffers from its negative effects, which translate into accelerated signs of aging, cutaneous alterations, dark spots and a dull, lifeless skin tone.

In order to fully protect your skin against pollution, Natura Bissé has created the DIAMOND COCOON Collection, a comprehensive prebiotic skincare line that strengthens your skin barrier through fortifying, protecting and liberating. The new pollution-protection collection gives your skin back all its inner power and feel limitless freedom to thrive in your life. 

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